Murder In A Small Town Read Online Jordan Silver

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Fresh off the first murder case to hit the small town of Briar Reef in more than fifty years, Detective Celia Sparks finds herself knee-deep in another mysterious murder. Everyone in town knew Melissa Sherry was stepping out on her husband, including the man himself. After losing his high-paying job and having to take a job at the meat packing plant just to put food on the table, Gil was already a man beaten; now, everyone he knew was laughing at him behind his back. So, when his wife was found staked out on the main road leading into town in the dead of night with an unflattering word carved into her chest, of course, everyone thought it was his doing. But Celia has learned from the last case that nothing in this town is ever as it seems.

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Music blared from the stereo as Melissa Sherry, or Mel as she’s known to her friends, stood in front of the mirror putting on her lipstick. She shook her panty-covered ass along to the beat as she turned her head this way and that to check out the new color and what it did for her face.

She made a face as she slipped the tube back into its cover and turned to the man on the bed with a sultry look. People say she looks like that old movie star, Marilyn Monroe and she loves playing it up.

“What do you think?” With her hands on her hips, her perfect thirty-four C tits stood out from her chest and she struck a pose that she knew showed her off in the best light. Not that she had a bad side, she was gorgeous and she knew it.

The bed’s occupant grinned but it was obvious from the way his hand moved up and down his large tumescent cock that her new shade of lipstick was the last thing on his mind.

“Come over here and get my dick dirty with that shit then I’ll tell you.” She started to pull the thong from the crack of her ass and down her thighs but he stopped her. “No, leave them on, I love fucking you while you wear them.” His eyes all but lit up with his words.

Melissa sashayed over to the bed on her four-inch heels putting one knee on the edge of it, her eyes glued to the growing length of his cock. Her panties were already wet because she knew what he could do with that thing, how good he was.

Bobby Stevens held his cock in place for her greedy mouth, already anticipating the feel of her warm silky cheeks and tongue wrapped around his meat. She’s the best little cocksucker he’s ever known and that’s a fact and the best damn thing to ever happen to him in this shitty ass town.

He especially loved the sounds she made as her mouth came down over him, covering just the fat head of his cock while her tongue worked wonders on his slit, lapping up precum as fast as it flowed from the tip.

He let her get a few good licks in before he wanted in on their love play. ‘Turn that ass around let me get to my pussy.” Mel was only too happy to oblige. She loves a good sixty-nine, and Bobby eats pussy like he’d taken lessons in how to do the shit.

Being careful not to poke his eye out with one of her icepick thin heels, she spread her legs over his face and brought her pussy down to his mouth, teasing him by rubbing the wet crotch of her lacy panties over his nose and mouth.

He growled playfully and grabbed one of her hips with his large work roughened hands, which still bore some grease from the last truck he’d worked on at his mechanic job while pushing her panty crotch aside with the fingers of the other.

She didn’t mind; she liked for him to get her dirty, liked having his big, rough, dirty hands all over her, in her. It made her pussy wet just thinking about it. He stuffed two of those dirty fingers inside her now to open her up for his tongue and she was ready to cum already.

She fucked back against his hand and hummed around his cock as he fingered her pussy deep, before dragging those fingers from her body. She didn’t complain when he pushed those same fingers in her ass and gave her a little tease. “Later, I’ll take care of your ass later.”

Now with both hips held between his hands he held her in place as he drove his tongue into her cunt, cleaning out her insides with that long thick tongue of his and she gobbled down a few more inches of his twelve-inch dick.

She would bet anything that he had the longest cock in the county. And it was all hers. She grabbed what she couldn’t fit in her mouth with both hands because it was that thick at the base and went down, down until her lips butted against her fingers.

He ate her pussy like he was enjoying the shit out of it, and she fucked his face until her juices ran down his chin. When he smacked her ass she knew what that meant and pulled her head off his rod to slide down his thighs and sit on his cock in the backward cowgirl style.

“Oh fuck you’re stretching me so good.” He pulled on her thong, rubbing the lacy material through her ass and pressing it down on her clit as his cock stuffed her full. When he started sawing the thong back and forth as he pounded into her pussy from below she knew this was going to be a good one.