Merlot (The Lunchtime Chonicles #41) Read Online Rose Marie

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Amber Everly
Mateo Lennox is the lead vocalist and one half of the world’s most beloved twin duo 2L, a band that has made waves globally. You can not consume social media without seeing he and his brother’s face in an ad or hearing about how riveting his deep husky voice is or how beautiful the strum of his brother’s guitar is. They say their music can make any woman fall in love and lose herself. Women fling themselves at their feet and faint from a simple glance, but screw that! Mateo Lennox especially can go to hell, and I’d be happy to never lay eyes on him again.
But one can only be so lucky! I never thought I’d see that devilish man singing at our best friend’s wedding. Let alone wind up in his bed again after sipping a few bottles of Merlot. For one night, I let go and allow those sexy lips to serenade me as they did in the past, but now he’s claiming I’m his once more. Uhm, hello! Has he never heard of a one-night stand? I’ll never give that devil my heart again. Never!

Mateo Lennox
Amber Everly is sweet, sassy, tall, leggy, and nasty… erm, I mean, classy. She’s every man’s dream girl… no, she’s MY dream girl. But fifteen years ago, I had an opportunity I couldn’t pass up yet… I wish I had.
When my childhood friend asks my brother and me to play at his wedding, I almost decline. I’m a busy man, but I hop on the first thing smoking when he tells me she will be there. I luck out, and now it’s me, her, and a bottle of alcohol in a room. She said she’s giving me one night, but this little minx is mistaken. I let her get away once, but I’ll be taking back what’s mine before I leave Brazil if it’s the last thing I do.




“M-Ma-Mateo!! Fuck baby, yes!” Amber moans when I grasp her tit and bite her nipple ring. I drive into her harder, panting, eyes fixated on the sweat dripping down her chin to her clavicle.

“Fuck, Amber!” I grunt, running my tongue from her nipple to the pool of sweat rippling with every thrust into my Honey. “Shit!” I curl my lips in ecstasy, looking down to see her staring at me with eyes that beg for more. I smirk when her pussy tightens around my dick, and her sexy lips open wide while her eyes cross and roll to the back of her head. “That’s it, Honeybee. Are you going to cum for me?” I growl in her ear, panting. I hoist her up, thrusting harder as she bounces up and down with hunger.

“Fuck baby. I’m go—” a loud knock on the bathroom door makes me cup my hand over her mouth, but her walls grip me so tight I can’t bring myself to stop thrusting.

“WHAT!?” I grind out, closing my eyes when my girl’s pussy quakes around me.

“Five minutes,” I hear my manager and best friend, Oliver, call. Fuck!

“Give me three,” I call out as I pull out and spin her around, grabbing her hands and pinning them to the top of the stall.

“Now you have one! Any longer than that, and I'm sending in the guards!” Fuck, that’s the last thing I need!

“Shit, man. Just have Marcelo cover for me!” I shake my head, fingering my Honeybee.

“Fuck that! There are scouts here, so you hurry up, get your ass out here, and put on a show, or face the consequences,” he threatens, banging on the door and rattling it. Asshole!

“Mateo, baby... should we stop?” my sweet girl mutters, looking back at me concerned, but I smirk when her eyes tell me she wants to do anything but stop.

“Nah, we have plenty of time. Just focus on me, Honeybee,” I whisper into her ear, grasping her hands tight and grinding my dick against her. When she pokes her ass out, sliding the plump round thing up and down my dick, I shudder with anticipation. I love it when she teases me.

“But y—” I interrupt her poor attempt at trying to feign she wants to stop by lining myself with her pussy and forcefully thrusting deep into her. When her mouth opens in a silent scream, I bite my lip, grab a fist full of her thick tight curls, and turn her head to me, crashing my lips onto hers. I don’t let her get a word in as I drive my dick deep into her with rough thrusts that shake the stall door. I grunt, fucking her so hard that her ass bounces against my stomach, and my nuts slap against her clit. Her back arches as her eyes turn to me, leaving me delirious.

“Fuck, I love you,” I growl, placing kisses down the nape of her neck, damn near out of breath. When I feel her pussy constrict around my dick, my nuts tighten, and I damn near lose my sanity.