Managing Love (Operation Riot #3) Read Online Kristin MacQueen

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The manager of our band, Sasha, is one wrong move away from being fired. She knows it. I know it. Hell, the damn bus driver knows it. She doesn’t give a crap about anything except how we look to our fans. I’m the only one that can get under her skin and I’m playing my strengths. I’m going to push her until she can’t take it anymore. Only she surprises me when I really get to know her. And I’m not sure I can stay away anymore.
He’s a pain in my ass. The one band member who knows how to get to me. I hate him so much it hurts and there’s no escaping when you’re on a tour bus. The only thing separating us is a thin piece of fabric and I feel like I’m suffocating with him so close. When he asks me to spend a day off with him, I refuse… until I hear the conditions. One day and then he’ll stay away from me for the rest of the tour. Except that one day changes my whole life.

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Chapter one


Racing up the steps after Harley, I enter the bus right as Sasha comes from the back. Her eyes bug out when she spots my niece.

“What the hell is that and why is it on our tour bus?” She scowls at Harley like she’s a cockroach. Sasha presses her body flush against the fridge to keep as much distance as possible from the child rushing by her.

“That’s a child. I'm sure they don’t like to come near your little gingerbread house. Their mommies and daddies have warned them all about the little old witch who likes to eat children.”

“I know it’s a child, smartass. What I meant is, why is there a child on the tour bus?” She narrows her eyes, glaring at me.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” I snicker, shaking my head. We used to love Sasha. She was a great manager. But the way she treats Ari pisses all of us off. I’m sure she’s not going to treat Harley much better.

“Apparently not. Why don’t you fill me in?” She crosses her arms over her chest, jutting her hip out.

“That would be Calan’s plus one.” I smirk. Her face falls and fills with denial, horror, then anger. Disbelief… and finally annoyance. It’s like I'm witnessing her go through the five stages of grief, except she doesn’t get to acceptance.

“Calan can't bring a child on a tour! I won't allow it!”

“Well, I don’t think Calan will give a fuck about your opinion.” I chuckle a deep, dark laugh.

I'm not going to put up with her messing with my brother or niece. I'm the only one that gets to fuck with Calan and I’ll never allow someone to hurt Harley.

Sasha’s gaze snaps to mine. Her jaw falls open and shut several times before she can use her words.

“How the hell does he have a kid!”

“Well, sweetheart.” I place an arm around her shoulders, leading her to the back of the bus. “When a man and woman find each other hot, the woman lets the man jam his- oof!” I wince as her elbow connects with my stomach. Damn, she’s boney.

“I swear, Tyson, if you finish that sentence, I'm going to stab you,” Sasha hisses.

“Stabbing people isn’t nice. You shouldn’t be mean to Uncle Tyson, he’s the bestest.” Harley hugs my leg before running off to find Calan again. I smile at her retreating back, she’s my favorite person in all of humanity.

“Out of the mouth of babes.” I smirk wider, pissing off Sasha even more.

“She better not get in the way. I won’t let her mess up this tour.”

I step into her, eliminating any space she had. I lower my voice to a dangerous tone, making sure Sasha doesn’t get confused over what I'm about to say.

“You don’t touch a fucking hair on that girl’s body. If she fucks up everything, you watch with a smile on your face and let her. She is Calan’s whole world and that girl has lived a worse life in her five years because of her mother than you’ve ever experienced. She’s going to be happy. She’s going to get in the way and she’s going to complicate things. We all know this. None of us give a fuck. We’re happy to have Harley here… We’ve said it before and will say it again, you’re free to go. We can get another tour manager in the blink of an eye. But if you go, I’ll be looking into a new manager in general.”