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Sabrina had been training to be the lead ballet dancer since childhood, but when that day is thrust upon her without warning her life starts to change in a way she never knew it could.
Cota just wants to become a true part of the Hawthorne dynasty using the degree he worked and played hard to obtain.

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Chapter One


Fifteen minutes before the massive velvet curtains opened, I sat backstage trying my best to stretch out. My feet were aching and my muscles were sore, literally everywhere. I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and sleep but all I could hear was my parents saying don’t be lazy, the show must go on.

Why are the curtains always red? Every theatre in every country they’re red. Why?

I looked to the clock on the wall as if it called to me. I felt like it was screaming when in all actuality it was ticking away peacefully, minding its own business.

“Sabrina, Yury wants to see you,” the boss’s assistant called out in passing. “He said to hurry and, fair warning, he’s in a mood.”

What could he possibly want this close to showtime? I didn’t do anything wrong in the other shows. Did I? Who knows, he finds fault with everything.

Being a ballerina, the best ballerina, had been a dream of mine as far back as I could remember. Only problem is that when you’re five, you don’t realize what that dream would mean. I hadn’t known it would mean twelve-hour days, blisters, and constantly being over-worked and yelled at.

I hurried past the other ballerinas stretching. Some were moaning, others saying nothing, just staring into space. Everyone was exhausted from two, sometimes three, shows a day. Six days a week was far too many and not what any of us had signed up for. But as Yury would remind us daily, “There are millions of dancers who would kill to be where you are.”

“Sabrina, my ribbon just snapped. Do you have an extra?” Lilly stopped me just as I reached for the doorknob into Yury’s office.

“Of course, check my bag.” I nodded then turned to the door. “I may not need it after this anyways.”

“I heard him yelling at someone a few minutes ago.” Lilly held up both hands with her fingers crossed. “I’ll keep these crossed for you.”

I grabbed the door handle at the same time he yanked the door open.

“Why have I been waiting so long for you to get in here?” Yury’s face turned several shades of red while yelling at the top of his lungs.

“I’m sorry, I came right away. Is there something wrong?” I pulled on my leotard.

“I called for you ten minutes ago,” Yury growled. “I don’t like being made to wait when I call for my dancers.”

“I’m very sorry, Yury.” My hands twisted together at my sides, trying to remain calm.

“What does “sorry” mean? If you were serious about dancing you would have come immediately,” Yury continued to bark.

“I’m very sorry, I was in the restroom.” I tried to hide the quiver in my voice. “I ran here as soon as I got out. I promise.”

“I don’t have time for this nonsense. You should have been stretching, not playing around in the restroom.” He stared at me. “Now go get changed out of that costume.”

“Did I do something wrong to be out of the show?” I swiped at the tears pooling in my eyes. “I can do better.”

“You failed to hit some of your marks in the last show. I should sit you, but Jacqueline has foolishly injured herself and you are the understudy.” He barked as if I had injured her. “Go now and change to be the lead.”

“Right away, sir.” I turned on my heels to run off.

“Sabrina,” he yelled.

I froze in my haste to get away and spun back around to find him now only two feet from my face.

“Don’t mess this up. Don’t make me send you back home with Jacqueline.” He stormed off without further explanation or encouragement.

I dared not smile, although my insides were shouting “hurray”. I’d finally gotten my chance to be lead dancer. I turned and hurried to find Jacqueline, then paused.

Did he say she is going home? Oh my God. I’m not ready to be the lead. I haven’t been practicing it as much as I should’ve been. Where is Jacqueline? I need to find her.

I ran down the hall, dodging other ballet dancers all more prepared for the performance than me.

Poor Jacqueline, she’ll be reprimanded for getting injured. I’m glad I’m not her right now. She must be devastated to be getting sent home.

“Has anyone seen Jacqueline?” I asked, rushing past everyone.

I couldn’t be sure if my heart was beating faster than my feet moving across the floor. It was almost curtain time. I took the corner in a skid, then right into a pair of warm arms. Before I could extract myself, Yury stormed around the corner, barking orders.