Love Me (Finding Free #8) Read Online A.M. Arthur

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How can an earnest alpha help a guarded omega hell-bent on not being helped at all?Alpha Caden Cross’s life has been on display since the day he was born, thanks to being the rare twin son of famous parents. Certain he’ll never live up to the rest of his family, he finds solace in unhealthy, somewhat dangerous activities, disinterested in finding a mate—until a gorgeous omega stripper named Zaq captures his undivided attention. Despite their mind-blowing chemistry, Zaq isn’t interested in more than a one-off, which leaves Caden confused…and determined to change his mind.Omega Zaquary “Zaq” Callahan has lived life on his own terms since moving to Sansbury four years ago. Recluse by day, exotic dancer by night, and in complete control of his sexuality, he refuses to mate or fall under another alpha’s thumb. His sizzling encounter with Caden awakens long-buried desires in Zaq, so he does the only thing he can think of—he pushes Caden away to protect them both.Zaq’s independence and quiet grief intrigue Caden, and neither man can deny their chemistry. But each has his own personal demons, silent struggles, and self-doubts. When the most tragic part of Zaq’s past sends his present into a tailspin, he has to make a choice: manage things alone like always, or rely on the strength of Caden’s affection and trust the young alpha with his future…and maybe even his heart.



“Let’s all give a warm welcome to our special guest tonight, author of Out of Darkness and Into Light, Mr. Kell Cross!”

Applause filled the spacious area arranged for them at the largest bookstore in Sansbury Province, and from his spot off to the side in a cluster of chairs arranged for family and close friends, Caden Cross did his duty and clapped. Tonight was his omegin Kell’s first public book signing after this morning’s release of his memoir in bookstores all across the territory, and while Caden was proud of Dad’s accomplishment, he also resented the constant public spotlight.

A public spotlight he’d been in since the hour of his birth almost twenty-one years ago.

Next to him, Caden’s twin brother Emory stood while clapping, giving Dad a standing ovation before he’d even done anything. Typical Emory, being the emotional, overly-supportive one in the family. Part of Caden was impressed Emory had shown up tonight when he had nine-month-old triplets at home and hated being parted from them for more than a few hours for necessary alone time to de-stress.

Caden wasn’t sure he’d call being paraded around as Dad’s family a time to de-stress, because Caden hated being on display, but whatever. Emory was out of the house for a while, and his kids were perfectly safe with their adopted father Eriq and one other babysitter. Caden tugged on Emory’s belt loop and he sat back down, still smiling, eyes only for Dad as Dad approached the podium set up in front of a display of his memoir.

Papa stood off to the side, hands behind his back, as intimidating as any of the actual private security guards the bookstore had hired for tonight’s event. For as long as Caden could remember, Papa was near Dad whenever Dad had a public speaking event—a habit that had come around long before Caden was born. Protective of his omega mate like any good alpha should be.

The exact kind of alpha Caden hoped to be one day to his own mate. Strong, loyal, protective, and generous with his time. Papa was a top partner in a busy, in-demand law firm in Sansbury, but he made a point to always try and be home for dinner with his family, especially after the triplets were born. Caden had no desire to find his own omega anytime soon, but one day he’d be ready to be a sire and raise a family. With the perfect omega bondmate.

“Good evening, and thank you for such a warm welcome,” Dad said into the microphone, his clear voice both soothing and authoritative. “As most of you probably know, I’m no stranger to public speaking, but this is my first time talking about my own book, so please bear with me if I begin rambling.”

A soft titter rumbled over the crowd, and Caden snorted. Dad never rambled, even when he went off-notes during a speech. The man was simply gifted with words. Words were something Caden kind of sucked at, whether written or verbal. He never managed to explain himself well, especially when caught off-guard, and that led to an unfortunate habit of pissing people off. He did better with numbers, which was why he’d forgone university studies for trade school. Construction and carpentry made sense to him. Physical things he could touch and create, instead of theories and words in books.

Caden tried not to fidget while Dad spoke about the genesis of writing this memoir, the process of reliving the worst parts of his life, and then read a passage from a later chapter. Dad hadn’t said what he’d be reading tonight, and it surprised Caden when he read about the night Caden and Emory were born. On Caden’s other side, their big brother Branson put a hand over his mouth, his eyes glistening with emotion.