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I wanted to ruin her.
Ruin the girl who could dissect me with a single look.
I wanted to break her.
Break the girl who burned like her namesake.
I wanted to wreck her.
Wreck the girl who made me question everything.
But I didn’t. I couldn’t.
Instead, I’ve been

Liberated is a full length version of the Wrecked novella. There are chapters with the hero’s POV along with new added material.
Key Elements/Tropes: Billionaire, Poor girl / rich boy, Blackmail
Trigger Warnings: Manipulation, Dubious Consent, Stalking / Obsession, Reproductive / Sexual Coercion, Narcissism (Hero’s Father)

Full Book:

Chapter One



“Jesus fucking Christ. Can’t you do anything yourself? Leave it to you to ruin what your brother worked so hard to get.”

My bottom lip burns beneath the pinch of my fingers at my father’s remark, teeth grinding together when my hand drops to the top of the desk I’m sitting at. My eyes lazily roll from the view of my 70th floor office window to him, a bored expression painting my features despite the annoyance burrowing below my ribs. “Guess not.”

His eyes narrow on me, the dip of his brows a look I’ve seen more times than I could ever even count. “Fix this by the end of the week, Rafe."

The sound of my knuckles tapping along the smooth top of my desk is loud in the stretching silence. My father is clearly angry, the vein in his temple trembling with his heartbeat as he continues to glare at me. Unfortunately for him, I can't find it in me to care. More often than not, he's in my office, fuming over some other thing I've supposedly fucked up for him or my oh-so precious baby brother, Trevor. Just thinking about him leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

After a moment, I push my chair back to stand, swiping my phone up from the desk as I walk around its edge toward my father. I don't break his brooding eye contact as I walk past him, raising two fingers to my brow in a mock salute as I get to the door. "Sure thing."

He huffs at my back as I turn from him, tucking my phone into the pocket of my jeans. "Where do you think you're going?"

I pause just outside the door, turning just enough so that he can see my face. "Leaving." I don't catch what he says next, but the ugly way his bold features twist makes my lips twitch into a smirk as I walk away.

Regardless of what he thinks, I fucked up nothing by breaking the merger between Halme Industries and us, and I have zero intentions of reinstating it. What my father fails to see is that Trevor only makes us immediate wealth. He jumps into the big deals and mergers without thinking about the long-term effects or benefits—exactly like my father. They throw away billions in the long run for the prospect of making millions immediately. Unlike them, I’d rather make billions over time, even if the first few years only yield thousands.

They can’t see past anything that doesn’t give them immediate satisfaction with every aspect of their lives. I, on the other hand, don’t mind having to work a little harder. I don’t need immediate rewards; the commitment, time invested—the chase—is all just as pleasurable to me as hitting the big jackpot at the end.

Maybe even more so, if I’m being honest with myself.

I catch my assistant posturing before I get to her desk, her hands tugging the cut in her blouse just a smidge lower over her cleavage. Jessica was hired by my brother, and if she wasn’t as good at her job as she is, I’d fire her for that alone. She’s attractive enough, but just like every other woman in my life, all she sees is my money. Really like every person in my life. What is that saying? Money can’t buy happiness? Well, that’s only true if you have money—and I have money, more than I could spend in a lifetime. Which is all fine and great, but it’s lonely in a sense. There’s not a single person that I can trust completely, that truly has my best interests at heart. They always say the grass is greener on the other side, and they’re right.

Ignoring her desperate attempt for attention, I walk past her, speaking to her as I go, “Cancel anything I have for the rest of the week.”

I can practically hear the pout in her voice at my dismissal. “Yes, Mr. Commargo. I’ll do that immediately.”

Stepping into the elevator, I press the button for the private garage, my eyes meeting my father’s briefly—his burning with indignant anger—before they close. It drives him absolutely nuts that he can’t order me about like he used to. I own the same amount of shares as he does, therefore he only gets to suggest what I do, not tell me. Although, he still tries, anyway. And unlike Trevor, good ol’ Dad didn’t buy my portion of the company either; I earned it myself, and with that, the respect of the other shareholders and CEOs.