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Weirdest neighbor ever…but he has an addicting smile and he was helpful in explaining Brady’s…well, Brady’s love of interesting things.

Craziest way to ever be asked out on a date…but Gareth is happy and the nosy neighbor is nice…and a good kisser.

Best first date ever…and the best apartment building ever.

Everyone sees meeting a potential date for the first time a little differently.

Someone might walk away from a first meeting confused about names and wondering how they ended up with a date.

Someone else might walk away appreciating an offer for a bit of naughty help.

Another might end up loving life and hoping that the two cuties upstairs are just as adorable on a date as they are when he’s eavesdropping.

However, there are a few things everyone can agree on…their neighbors are fascinating, Gareth has questions, and Cashel has no idea what’s going to happen with the wickedly helpful neighbor.

Author’s While this duet is part of the Education of the Heart series, these are the roommates from Save Me Santa . While it’s not technically necessary, I think Learning to Walk and Learning to Run will be more enjoyable if you’ve already read Brady’s story, Save Me Santa .

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Chapter 1

Downstairs Guy

“It’s not offering to save their souls or kill their bugs.” The innocent cutie was so insistent I had to stop at the bottom of the stairs and listen to what he was saying. I wasn’t going to apologize for being nosy when everyone in the building was fabulously weird and not shy about sharing their personal life…but I was quiet while I listened.

Brady, my delightfully naïve neighbor who was into his Daddy and being spanked, was very confident about the odd list. “Those are the only random questions you're allowed to ask. It doesn’t matter if you’re being helpful or not.”

Who made those rules?

Whose bugs were they trying to kill?

Were the crickets back?

Had the cutie found God in the last few days?

Oh, had the spider escaped again?

The cutie continued before I’d figured out what they were talking about. “Even I know you’re not supposed to just ask people what their kink is even if you think they’re not vanilla. It’s not an appropriate question no matter if you’re a door-to-door salesman or a friend.”


He was adorable and a bit insane, both were things I appreciated, but I wasn’t really into frightening innocent littles so I stepped back from the stairs. Giving him a heart attack by popping out around a corner was not good manners either.

“Bambi, they’re your roommates, not strangers you’re quizzing about their relationship with Jesus.” Boyfriend Daddy Guy, aka Jude, sighed and I could picture him deciding if he could frown at his cutie or not.

The guy was funny even if he was scowling all the time.

“I’ve been very open about my life.” Brady’s confused voice got louder as they got closer to the bottom of the stairs. “They’ve been very accepting but not that curious about the details. I have no idea why they’re so weird about the spankings.”

I loved this building.

Moving in while I finished my masters had been the best decision ever.

“I think the being weird part is a clue that they’ve got questions.” Brady’s Daddy was definitely on the more logical side of the spectrum but he wouldn’t do anything to upset his insane cutie, so I wasn’t going to hold my breath on him winning the argument.

“They’ve had plenty of time to ask them.” Brady shrugged as they finally stepped off the stairs and headed toward the parking lot, not even noticing that they had an audience. “I’m not going to be pushy and make them uncomfortable.”

Brady sighed like that should’ve been obvious. “They were very good about feeding me and taking care of me before you came, Daddy. I can’t repay them by being rude.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d missed part of the discussion since they’d gotten their window fixed or not, but as I looked up at the building, I wasn’t so sure leaving those two to stew in their worries was a good idea.

Brady’s roommates seemed just as interesting as he was, but they were slightly more subtle about it.

Not that being more subtle than Brady would’ve been hard.

That was one little who radiated out his sweetness and curious innocence no matter what he was doing. He even talked to himself while he was bouncing down the stairs and sang to himself when it was his turn to take out the trash.

The whole situation would’ve been easier to figure out if their window was still stuck open, because the sound carried fabulously and it made being nosy a lot easier, but now that they’d gotten it fixed, I was missing out on so much.

The most logical decision would’ve been to mind my own business. It was what a polite neighbor in any other building would’ve done. Ignore the odd conversations and pretend you didn’t know your neighbors were kinky little cuties. Yep. That was what polite neighbors did.