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His Ward

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The last thing scarred and reclusive Luca Brown wants is the guardianship of an eighteen-year-old girl. Now that his friend is dead, he’s the one that’s got to take charge of Mavis Miller. The only problem … she’s not a girl. From the first moment he sees Mavis, his reaction to her scares the shit out of him. He’s now responsible for her, and that means he shouldn’t be thinking about her in anyway at all.

Mavis has never fitted in. Even her parents hated her and shipped her off to boarding school. Luca is different, and the scar on his face doesn’t scare her. After eighteen years of being ignored, she’s shocked when Luca takes her over his knee and punishes her for putting herself in danger. His touch. His hands. They drive her wild, and she wants him.

She’s the first woman to not flinch away. He should tell her no. He’s the guardian, but he doesn’t see her as his ward. No, he sees her as his, and he doesn’t want to just protect her—he wants to own her.
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Chapter One

Luca Brown glared toward the door, wanting nothing more than to walk right through it and leave. He’d not been in a social setting for over ten years, not since a fight had branded him a monster and the press had a field day posting his scarred face all over the media. For ten years he’d lived alone on a reclusive ranch that was no longer in working order but that allowed him to pursue his dream of working with his hands to create pieces of furniture. In fact, being alone, he pursued many different avenues with his time as he now could afford to do them all. At the peak of his career, he’d been the guy on Wall Street. Making money. Investing money. Doubling income. Tripling income. It didn’t matter. Money flowed toward him, and because he never took anything for granted, he invested his portion in good stocks and businesses, and in the past ten years, he’d become a very wealthy man.

Coming out of hiding wasn’t what he wanted, not by a long shot.

He’d gone away from the world he once knew and had no intention of ever coming back. Yet here he was, and he was pissed off.

Ryan Miller had once been his friend but they’d not spoken in over fifteen years, and he’d not even thought of the guy until last night when he got a phone call. His friend had gotten his high school sweetheart knocked up, and even though Luca had been supportive of his friend, he’d thought it was a huge mistake having a kid when you were a kid yourself. That had been eighteen years ago, so the girl in question had to be the same age. Fuck, he knew she was a teenager because that’s why he was here. Ryan hadn’t changed his name for the next of kin, so now that Ryan and his wife had been killed in a drunken car crash, Luca was picking up the pieces.

What the fuck was he supposed to know about a teenager?

He’d tried to get the woman from child services to house her in one of those fucking orphanages, but she came with a whole load of baggage. His friend had been loaded, and the girl had a trust fund, which she could only access through him. He’d be the one taking care of her from now until she was twenty-one.

Great, just great.

Because this was how he wanted to deal with his life.

To have a teenaged brat hanging around the house, driving him crazy. The moment he got her home, she was being put into one of those boarding schools, and once she finished, and was midway through college, she could have all of the trust fund that was rightfully hers anyway. He didn’t want to deal with any part of this. Big or small.

Running fingers through his long hair, he blew out a breath. There was a time when he wouldn’t have allowed it to grow so long. It was currently down to his shoulders. This wait was starting to really irritate him, and no one ever kept him waiting long.

He was tempted to push his hair back, to let his scars show and to see if they freaked anyone out. He looked toward the window on the far side. No one stood staring in, but he saw his reflection. His right side was, in fact, his good side. There was no change there. His left, however, held the scar from when he had gone through a damn window during a fight with a piece of shit husband.

It didn’t matter how much money you had. Sleeping with someone else’s wife had changed his life forever. He shouldn’t complain, not really. He’d done a lot of bad shit in his time, and this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sitting back in his chair, he ignored the anger that built up inside him whenever he thought about that night.

Twenty-six years old, ruling the world.

Everyone had been putty in his hand.

No matter what he said or did, they lapped it up like lost little fucking puppies. Then he’d fucked a woman, a slut really. She hadn’t been important, and neither had her husband. They’d been a couple of hangers-on. They were not part of the social circle because they’d lost all their money in some bad choices. He’d thought it was funny how the whore had begged to suck his cock. Begged to be fucked. Begged to be taken and used like the filthy little cunt she was, so he’d obliged.

He didn’t get to have the last laugh.

They’d turned him into a monster and in doing so, sent him into hiding. Now he got to watch their faces splashed across the media whenever he took the time to look. They’d made a big comeback. Using the incident as some kind of therapy. The fight that had left him scarred had been the result of the wife he’d slept with. Her husband had decided to defend her honor, and in doing so Luca had lost big time. He could only imagine that it was all part of their plan. They had been working together from the start. They wanted to see him fall and had plotted it themselves. He’d ended up with his face scarred, and while he’d been in the hospital trying to fix the damage caused to him, the couple that started it gave interviews. The wife told lies about how he’d tried to manipulate her. The couple was paid for interviews, reality television shows. They were once the pieces of trash on the edge of the society that he ruled, whereas now they were looked at as if they were fucking royalty.