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Her Paradise

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Alexa Riley

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Cyrus Walsh met Sammy when she was too young for him. He left the island knowing that he’d wait for her... and he did. But now that he’s back, she isn’t giving an inch. Now he’s going to fight for what he wants, and that’s always been the same thing. Her.

Sammy watched Cyrus leave and it broke her heart. When he came back to the island years later she wasn’t ready to forgive him. But she feels an irresistible pull to him, no matter how hard she tries to fight it. Would giving in be so bad?

Warning: HER PARADISE picks up right where HIS PARADISE left off. Enjoy even more island adventures with this strong-willed sassy heroine and her alpha who just won’t let her go.
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Sammy… Age 16

I snap a picture of myself in the mirror and text it to Nikki.

Me: Do I look like a woman?

She responds instantly.

Nikki: You’ve looked like a woman since your boobs came in last summer! LOL

I laugh. I hated my boobs when they first came in. All of a sudden, boys started to annoy the ever-loving crap out of me. Not to mention they all thought I was up for grabs since my brother shipped off and there was no one here to scare them.

Nikki: Make him some of your sprinkle cookies. He’ll fall in love with you at first bite *winky face*

Me: Oh, I’ve been baking ALL week.

It’s crazy how I’ve gone from not wanting attention to all to throwing myself at someone. Though Cyrus is not just someone. It’s been three long weeks since my brother’s been home on leave. He’s leaving in two days, but that’s not the problem. What’s gotten me so worked up is the friend he brought home with him. His Marine buddy who tagged along with him back to the island is everything I never knew I wanted in a man.

Cyrus. Even his name makes my stomach flutter. Since the moment he stepped out of the truck with my brother, Derick, I’d fallen head over heels in love. Each day he’s here it grows even worse. He’s sweet, funny and is so freaking nice I can’t stand it. He makes me feel things I probably shouldn't for someone his age, but I don’t care. He’s my one and I know it. I just have to tell him, let him know we’re supposed to be together. That I know he has to go back overseas, but I’m going to be here waiting for him when he’s done.

I adjust my bikini top to make sure my boobs aren't going to peek out. Living on an island, it’s normal for most of the town to run around in swimsuits. It can get crazy hot and you always end up in the water at some point or another.

Maybe it’s silly, but I’d sprung for an American flag bikini and it finally got here yesterday afternoon. It was my best friend Nikki's idea. She said I should try and look like the girl next door. All-American. I wasn’t really sure about cutting another inch off my jean shorts, but she thought it would get his attention. I don’t want him to think of me as some silly girl with a crush. I want him to see me as a woman who will wait forever just for him.

I put on some lip gloss then drop it and rush out of my room when I hear movement upstairs. Hurrying into the kitchen, I pretend like I’ve been here the whole time cooking. Moments later Cyrus walking into the room. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. I pretend like I don’t know he’s there for a few moments and hum to myself. Out of the corner of my eye I see he’s turning around like he’s about to leave. Crap.

“Hey, Cy,” I call out, making him stop. “Want me to make you some breakfast? I make killer French toast.”

He turns back around and his eyes lock with mine. I want him to look at me, at my body, but his eyes don’t go any lower than my chin.

“I already made the coffee.” I point towards the pot.

“Yeah, sure,” he finally says.

He steps into the dining room that’s connected to our open kitchen. He’s wearing low-slung sweats and nothing else. His chest and feet are bare, and his hair is an adorable mess. God, he’s so handsome and rugged. Nothing like the guys here on the island. Since he’s gotten here he hasn’t shaved, and there’s dark stubble on his chin. When I asked him about it he said it’s the only time they’re allowed to be unkempt, so he’s going with it.

“Give me a second.” He leaves the room and I hear him going up the stairs.

My shoulders drop when I hear the shower turn on. I go ahead and make the French toast and put some bacon in a skillet. A little bit later he comes strolling back into the room and grabs a cup of coffee. He’s fully dressed now and takes a seat at the breakfast bar.

“Did my brother come home last night?” I ask.

Cyrus’s cup of coffee stops before it meets his mouth. I can tell he doesn't want to answer me. I’m guessing because he doesn't want to lie. No, I bet he’s the kind of man that would never lie. He’s got too much honor.

I roll my eyes. “I know my brother, Cyrus. If he’s not coming home, it’s because he went home with a girl last night. It isn't something new. I just wasn't sure if I should make enough for him or not.”