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Tyler MacGyver thinks it’s time for a change of pace. The son of a not so law abiding family, after seeing one too many buddies bleed out, he decides it’s time to give up the big city lights for the droll and drum.
But you know what they say, you can take the man out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the man. So when the arranged marriage he had lined up falls through, he decides to go to door number two, the younger sister.
Carrie Jade would never go after her sister’s fiancé she’s just not made that way. She’s made up her mind that after the wedding she’s moving far away so that her secret won’t be discovered.
From the moment she first lays eyes on the enigmatic Tyler, her innocent little heart goes pitter and patter and she falls victim to a strong case of lust at first sight.
He’s unlike any of the men she’s used to in her small town. Strong, handsome, mysterious, with a certain look about him that makes her think of wild days and driving with the top down.
When things go awry the night before the nuptials, she finds herself being dragged from her family home by a very pissed off Tyler who insists that she’s his new bride. Her only problem now is hiding her true feelings from him and everyone else in town.
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Chapter 1

“Did you see him last night?” I ran my nose along her neck to her ear while holding her with a hand around her middle. I could already feel the tension in her. A mix of fear and sexual excitement.

“Yes.” I wrapped one hand around her throat and fisted the other one in her hair, pulling her head back. The pulse in her throat was going haywire and her breathing had grown choppy.

“Where?” That hand on her throat squeezed out a warning. Her body trembled as if any minute her legs were gonna give out. I took a look at her reflection in the window and she had that fawn caught in the crosshairs look.

“At the bar, he came into the bar.” I nipped her ear and moved in closer, rubbing my cock into her ass. She tensed up at the unsaid threat. I have yet to fuck her tight little ass hole because I know she’s scared out her fucking mind of me taking her there. But maybe…

“Bend over.” I pushed her head down with one hand while fighting with my pants zipper with the other. “Lift up your skirt.” I felt her hand tremble as she obeyed me.

I tore her panties off down her thighs. “I told you about wearing those things around me?” I pulled my dick out through the opening in my jeans and nosed around her pussy until I found what I was looking for.

With my hand once again clenched in her hair I fucked into her hard holding her in place with a hand on her hip. “What did he say to you?” I wasn’t even trying to keep my anger in check at this point. Her sheltered little ass is about to get it.

“What? Please, it was nothing.” Her hands clenched around the edge of the sink as I dug deep into her pussy before sliding almost the full length of my ten inch cock from her depths.

I slammed back into her and she screamed, her ass shaking from the shock of the orgasm that hit her hard and fast. “What…the fuck…did…he…say?” I showed her no mercy, pounding out the anger I’d been carrying around all day in her tight little fuck hole.

She got up on her toes with the force of my next thrust and her cries now were of uncertainty and fear. She should be afraid. My woman does not have any conversations of any kind with her ex.

This is something I thought she understood about me but apparently I was wrong. Because I’d got a report that she had been seen doing just that the night before while I was occupied elsewhere.

“He…he just asked me how I was doing.”

“And what did you say?” I pulled her head back hard.

“I said I was fine, that I had moved on.” I licked her cheek and bit the edge of her jaw.

“If he ever talks to you again he’s dead. Figure out how to get that message to him. If I do it he’s not going to be walking for a while.”

I anger fucked her for the next ten minutes before pulling out and cumming all over her ass. She looked back at me like I’d slapped her.

“You don’t deserve my cum. Go get cleaned up.”

I fixed my cock back into my jeans and moved to the fridge for some water. I think she was in shock because she stood there frozen. “Move your ass!”

She made a run for the bathroom and I followed behind her, draining the water bottle. I gave her the stink eye through the glass shower door, reminding myself that I don’t hit women, ever.

She sure the fuck knows how to pull the worst out of me. And the best, and the not so bad. Damn, now I can’t even stay mad at her when I fucking want to? The fuck is this?

Not this time. This time she’d fucked up in a way that crossed more than the fucking line. That shit went crossed into body bag territory.

She’s lucky I like her ass or I’d snuff her ass and drop her out back in the woods behind this mini mansion in the middle of Nowheresville.

Who the fuck builds a mansion in a one hick town anyway. Then again, if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have anywhere to live so scratch that. Back to this pain in the ass chick.

“Hurry up in there, I’m hungry.” She was bent over washing her leg. I got a shot of her ass through the steamed up glass. On second thought.

I pulled my shirt off over my head and lost my jeans before sliding the glass door open and joining her under the hot steam of the water. She was fidgety as a newborn colt, and when she saw the condition of my cock her eyes flew up to mine.