Grumpy In The Mountains – Greene Mountain Boys Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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After seven years, I'm coming home.
Studying in London was an amazing experience, but was it worth it?
That's the question I keep asking myself.
It cost me a lot.
It cost me Colin Hill.
I've been in love with that boy since the first time I saw him in grade three.
I thought that breaking up with him before college was the right thing to do.
But now, I'm not so sure.
Because I'm back in town and I forgot how special it feels to have the big grump look at me with such possession in his eyes.
I've forgotten how incredible it feels to have his strong hands on me.
To have his arms wrapped around me.
I forgot it all.
But it's all coming back now.
Stronger than ever.
I just wish he felt the same...

This grumpy possessive mountain man is about to have a second chance with the perfect girl he lost years ago when she comes waltzing back into town. Making up for lost time can be so fun!
A SAFE Second Chance Romance with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Double V-Cards! Enjoy!

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Chapter One


How can you dread a moment and look forward to it at the same time?

My stomach is all quivery as I look at the address in my hand and then turn onto the mountain road. It’s so secluded out here. I don’t see anyone as I nervously drive up the steep slope.

I forgot how beautiful the Greene Mountains are in the spring. Sparkling water drops falling from the tall Aspen trees, groggy animals waking up from their longer slumbers, leaves starting to bud, and plants starting to bloom. I smile as I remember all those springs from my youth here, putting on my big purple rain boots and stomping through puddles. Rediscovering toys that had been buried in the snow for months. I loved it here.

I roll down the window and breathe in that fresh spring smell of wet earth and pine trees. It’s nice to be home.

London was amazing, but seven years is a long time to be away from the place that makes your soul sing. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. That’s what this place does to me. It took seven years of living in London to realize that the mountains are where I belong. They’re where I want to be.

“Wow,” I whisper as I keep driving along the secluded road. No neighbors anywhere…

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Colin. He always did better in his shell. He was always more comfortable hidden behind a few walls and locked in his little bubble.

The last time I saw him, I was in that bubble too.

I wonder what it’s going to be like to talk to him now that I’m on the outside of it.

The roof of a cabin appears over the trees in the distance. I panic and hit the brakes. My heart pounds as I stare at the tip of the roof, wondering if this is a bad idea.

It’s probably a horrible idea, but it’s also unavoidable. I’m going to be sharing this town with Colin and I have to give him a heads up that I’m home.

Even someone as withdrawn and recluse as Colin still has to go into town to get groceries and other supplies once in a while. I’d rather get this over with here than in the middle of Greene Mountain Grocer.

I take a deep breath and continue driving.

My foot hits the brake again when I realize that he could have a girl living with him. What if he has a girlfriend? What if he has a wife? I cringe when I think about him having a family with a beautiful wife and little kids running around.

The thought that he could have moved on never even crossed my mind until now. I guess I just couldn’t picture Colin with anyone but me. I guess a part of me didn’t want to.

“Still,” I whisper to myself. “You still have to go.”

I shake out my trembling hands and keep going. More of the house comes into view as I turn around the bend. It’s beautiful.

It’s more modern than I thought Colin would choose, but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s perfect for him. A huge porch wraps around the place and it’s nestled among tall towering trees with no other houses or signs of civilization in sight.

With my pulse racing, I pull up beside his big silver truck and park my dad’s car. I gulp as I turn off the engine and pull out the key.

A big droopy head rises on the porch and looks at me. “Charlie?” I whisper with a big smile.

The Bloodhound climbs to his paws and waddles down the steps with his tail wagging and big ears swinging.

I burst out of the car and drop to my knees as he comes rushing over. At least someone is happy to see me.

“Hey, Charlie,” I say as I wrap my arms around him and give him a big hug. I bury my nose into his soft fur and breathe in that crisp foresty scent. “Do you remember me? I’m the one who picked you out of the litter and gave you to Colin.”

He licks my hand and then buries the top of his head in my stomach, making me laugh.

“The last time I saw you, you were still a puppy. Are you taking good care of Colin?”

He looks up at me with his adorable brown eyes as he wags his long tail.

The screen door opens and closes with a slam. My eyes dart up and I swallow hard when I see Colin step onto the porch.

I thought I was prepared to see him, but I’m quickly realizing I’m not prepared at all. Years of long-buried emotions are rising up like a volcano about to burst.

My chest tightens as I slowly stand up.

He’s just how I remembered him but so different at the same time.