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Growl For Me (A Camden Falls Wolf Pack #1)

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J.L. Beck

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When Ryan Camden discovers a human female has broken into his house he’s hell bent on scaring her away in the only way he knows how, but then he takes in her scent and discovers the woman is actually his mate and that changes everything.
Ryans never cared to have a woman but the soft curves, and perfect pouty lips of the one he just discovered stirs something deep inside him, something he didn’t think could ever exist for the lone wolf like him.
Olivia was looking for something when she made it to Camden Falls, what that something was she didn't really know. Then she met Ryan and everything changed. Suddenly Olivia had a reason to live, and a reason to believe in happily ever afters...
**Over the top, growly, and possessive as hell, the alpha in this book is going to make you feel all kinds of things. If you love shifters, mixed with lots of baby making then you’ll love this one. Welcome to Camden Falls where things aren’t always what they seem.**
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A Camden Falls Wolf Pack Series by J.L. Beck

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“Come on you piece of shit,” I cursed at my junk Ford Fusion as I turned the key in the ignition, praying like hell it would start. I was looking for something…what I didn’t know yet, but I did know that the last thing I needed was to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and I do mean literally nowhere.

“Come on, come on…” I encouraged listening as the piece of shit refused to turn over. The sun was setting over the horizon and soon it would be dark, and I’d become a snack for some fortunate animal.

I needed to call for help, and maybe get a tow out of here or something? I didn’t have a clue how I would pay for it but I would figure something out. Pulling out my cell-phone, I stared at the screen for a long minute to see if I had any reception.

Then I sighed because Jesus, this was my luck, of-fucking-course I didn’t have any. I was on some back road with trees on all sides of me for as far as the damn eye could see. Why would I be granted any type of break?

It was then when I knew there was no hope or point in staying with the car. Where I was going to go I didn’t really know, but from the miles that separated houses from each other, I knew it had to be far and few between the next one.

Damnit Olivia… I thought to myself. I should’ve planned this out better.

“Stay here Patty,” I mumbled, using the name I had for the car while opening the driver’s side door. I closed it firmly behind me and looked off into the distance. It was probably safer to stick to the road but I didn’t think I would find what I needed on this road, especially without a car that was drivable. Hmm, except now that I think about it, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a car on this road.

Starting off on foot, I tried my best to remain calm as I walked into the woods. It was dark, and a bit cooler since it seemed the sun couldn’t make it through the heavy foliage above but I pushed forward swallowing down my fear. I rationalized with myself there was no point in turning around, right? My car wouldn’t start and even if I did want to drive back in the direction I’d just come from, there was nothing there for me. My mom didn’t care that I was gone. I was searching for a getaway, some type of freedom, and happiness. But the truth was…I really had a break down before the car broke down.

My life had been a bit rough. My mom had issues and one of them was she paid no attention to me while I was growing up. It hurt for a longtime. I finally faced the fact that family wasn’t going to be a positive thing in my life. I had a job and an apartment. Then I tried to date. It was always a disaster. I wanted to save my virginity for the man I would marry…a man I would love. One who loved me? Well, with many of these guys I dated, they laughed in my face at the virginity dream when it got far enough for them to expect sex.

I would feel so embarrassed and like the fool, they accused me to be. So there went dating. I never even tried after a few of these bad dating experiences. It was a turning point in my life. Then my boss tried to get me into bed. I tried fighting him off and ended up running out and leaving my job.

Then I was evicted from my apartment. There was no one to turn to. No one who cared. So, yesterday, I packed what few belongings I had and started to drive. I just wanted to find a new life. One that wasn’t so miserable. I was alone in the world really. I thought that maybe if I just left, I could find a new life somewhere.

As I walked carelessly through the woods, I tried my best to just let go of the things I had no control of. My life was mine now, and I could do with it as I pleased. That statement brought a smile to my face and encouraged me to press forward. I continued walking for what seemed like forever. The sun was starting to set and I still hadn’t found a single house to find refuge in.

Did anyone live out here? I placed my hands on my hips and stared up into the trees. It was getting darker with each passing second, making it harder for me to see anything. Fear trickled down my spine at the thought of being out here completely all alone. I wasn’t a survivalist in the least bit; so there was no way I’d survive a night out here. I could barely make food inside a house, let alone capture and kill on my own out here.