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From bestselling author, Fiona Cole, comes a steamy, holiday novella about taking advantage of forbidden nights.

You’re invited!
Come celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas at Voyeur, the club to make all your fantasies become reality.
Join us for a wild night of passion—a night without rules.
The invitation promises exactly what I need: a chance to relax and find a woman who can handle my unique tastes.
As soon as I walk into the forbidden club, I know exactly who I want.
The feisty vixen tries to pretend she doesn’t want me, but I see right through her cold shoulder act.
After she left me high and dry the other night, she owes me.
And I plan to collect.

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Chapter 1


“I’m glad you were able to finally make it,” Ian said.

“You’ve praised this city so much. How could I not visit you in Cincinnati?”

He extended a glass across the kitchen island, and I gratefully accepted, already anticipating the warm amber liquid on my tongue.

“It’s no New York, but I find that to be a plus.”

“We’ll see,” I challenged. “I’ll have to do some exploring during my stay.”

“I’m sure Abby or Brianna would be happy to show you around. Or maybe both,” he suggested.

I scoffed over his bouncing brows and smirked. “I’m good. I don’t fuck where I eat, and two associates of Carina’s is too close.”

“Carina will be devastated. Ever since she met you in London, she’s determined to find you a woman.”

Another scoff. “I’m quite content with an ever-changing variety.”

“You say that, but it’s only because you don’t know.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I brushed him off, already having heard him gush about how he used to be a playboy until Carina came along. “So, tell me about this charity event at the sex club.”

“It’s not a sex club, and don’t let Daniel hear you call it one. He gets touchy. Also, we should keep that on the down-low tonight around Abby and Bri. They’re not members, so we have to respect the NDA.”

“But if they want to donate a hefty sum of money to our charity, they can join the conversation at any time,” a deep voice said behind me.

“Erik,” I greeted. “It’s good to see you.”

He shook my hand before accepting his own drink from Ian. I’d met them both when they opened an office in London. We ran in the same circles and eventually formed a friendship. After Ian and Carina had their twins, I decided to make the trek to his part of the woods. And lately, somehow, two of the most fascinating cities bored me. All of it blurring into one mundane day after the other—one similar woman after another.

All I need is a little break—a little change of scenery, I thought.

“You, too. You remember my wife, Alexandra.”

“Nice to meet you,” the petite, raven-haired woman greeted before addressing her husband. “I’m going to let you men do your guy thing and go find Carina.”

With a kiss that bordered inappropriate, she left.

“I knew we’d be able to entice you here with the promise of a night at Voyeur,” Erik said.

“And for a good cause. How could I not support a charity that helps victims of sex trafficking?”

“Exactly,” agreed Ian.

“Add in the promise of live porn and sex, and I’m all over it.”

“No promise of sex,” warned Erik.

“Oh, trust me, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a lucky lady to fuck.”

“Well, then. Sorry to interrupt.” The soft words stroked up my neck with a bite of annoyance. It coiled around my muscles, urging me to turn to find out if the woman was as enticing as her voice.

Dark brown eyes greeted me first, tempting me to fall headfirst into the rest of her.

Full lips above a slender neck that tugged my gaze to the shadowy curves peeking from between the deep vee of her cream sweater. Visions and ideas flashed in my mind like they hadn’t in months.

What did she taste like? What colors did her lips turn when they stretched tight around a cock? How hard would I have to spank her to turn her warm, honey skin red? The words clamored on my tongue for freedom. They almost escaped but were halted by the clearing of a throat.

Prying my eyes away from the length of her body, they crested the sharp line of her jaw, back to the brown depths. Somehow, despite not having a single feature wrinkled or clenched, annoyance oozed from her pores. Disdainful judgment hung from her neutral lips. With just a flare behind her eyes, she burned me with her dislike.

She probably wanted me to shrink back and fumble over my words to repair whatever image she had of me.

Except…I didn’t care.

In fact…I liked it.

I liked the thought of all that cold, rich-bitch attitude writhing wildly underneath me. The colder her stare, the more I craved it.