Feral Shifter Untamed (Nasty Rabid Beasts #1) Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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They hunt shifters like me.
With good reason.
I’m a threat to everyone. Even myself.
My bear has gone feral.
It’s lost control.
Sometimes fate can be cruel.
Sometimes it makes us wait too long for our mate.
Some bears can’t handle it, and my wild grizzly is one of them.
He’s gone too long without her and he’s snapped.
This untamed savage creature lashes out at everything it can get its nasty paws on.
He’s become a danger to society.
So, they’ve come for me.
A group of shifters have come to put me down.
To stop the threat. To put me out of my misery. To put a bullet it in my head.
My mate is the only one who can save me.
She’s the only one who can tame this savage beast.
But with the killers closing in on me, will she be too late?
And is my monstrous grizzly too far gone to be saved?

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“Timberville, Montana!” the conductor shouts as the freight train slows to a stop.

I sigh as I look at the old weathered sign with the town name on it barely visible behind the peeling paint and old faded graffiti.

Is this town going to be safe?

I sigh as I realize that no town is safe for me. Not when the biggest danger is lurking inside of my body. With a heavy breath, I get up off the large bags of rice I slept on all night and leap off the train.

My grizzly bear snarls inside of me as I head for the forest.

“Hey!” the conductor yells. “Stay the fuck off my train! Bloody vagrant.”

I don’t turn around. For his protection, I lower my head and hurry to the colorful tree line. It’s a gorgeous fall day, but this is no time to admire the autumn leaves.

My bear is growling inside. He’s pacing angrily. I know what’s coming and I don’t want any part of it. I’m sure the nice people of Timberville, Montana don’t either.

“Stay calm,” I whisper, but that only infuriates my bear even more. He snaps and lets out a low rumbling growl.

It’s been two days since he last burst out of me. The rocking of the train must have helped soothe him, but now that I’m off it, he seems ready to fuck up my life some more.

“Hey!” the conductor shouts as I hurry forward.

Shit, why can’t he just leave us alone? If he knew what my bear was capable of, he’d be hightailing it back on the train and hurrying the fuck out of here.

“Sorry!” I say as I raise my hand. I don’t turn around. If my savage grizzly gets a look at him, I won’t be able to hold him back.

“Motherfucker, I’m talking to you,” he says as he cocks a gun.

Oh, come on…

I sprint to the forest.

He fires into the air and my whole body goes cold.

“Why’d you have to go and do that?” I whisper.

The booming sound makes my bear livid and he unleashes his wrath in a ferocious growl. He’s gnashing his teeth and violently clawing his way up, furious at everyone and everything.

I look at the conductor over my shoulder and he steps back with a look of horror on his face.

“Run,” I warn him in a deep monstrous voice.

My maniac of a bear is about to rip out, so my eyes are probably that eerie golden color they get before I phase. I can feel my teeth already expanding, pushing my lips out and making me look like a monster. Long brown hair sprouts out of my face as my body swells so big my muscles tear through the clothes I stole from some hunter a few towns back.

“What… are you?” he gasps as he raises his gun for another shot.

I’m a feral shifter, that’s what I am.

My mate hasn’t arrived and it’s driven my bear insane. I’ve lost control of him. I’ve passed the point of no return.

I’m a danger to everybody, even myself. Wherever I go, it’s like bringing a ticking timebomb with me. It’s only a matter of when it explodes in a furious rage of snarling teeth and slashing claws.

I should put a bullet in my head. That would be the responsible thing to do. The sane thing.

There’s no going back for a feral shifter, but…

It’s just not in me to give up. Even with all of this shit going on, I still haven’t given up on finding my mate. I just need to see her once… To lay my eyes on her beautiful face just one time and then I’ll gladly put a gun to my temple and pull the trigger.

I can’t be with her. Even I know that. It’s too late for us. My bear is corrupted. He’s wild, untamed, and full-on feral. Nothing can change that.

But if I can see her one time before I die… Then, I’ll die happy.