Feral Shifter Unstoppable (Nasty Rabid Beasts #2) Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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I found her.
My mate.
My goddess in the flesh.
My Layla.
She’s perfect in every way.
But although she’s perfect, our situation is anything but.
She’s here now, but it took too long.
My bear lost it.
He turned.
He’s gone feral.
And the shifter mercenaries who take out wild, out of control bears like mine have marked us to die.
I know my savage bear is too dangerous to be around.
I know he has to be put down for the greater good.
I know this has to be done.
But I don’t care.
She’s here now and I finally have something to live for.
They can try to take me out, but when it comes to my mate, they’re going to discover that this feral shifter will be unstoppable.

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The sound of happiness enrages my bear.

It’s the clanking metal that gets his attention, but it’s the happy voices that makes my Kodiak charge toward the sound.

He lets out a nasty snarl as he sprints through the forest, his massive paws slamming into the ground. Tree branches explode off their trunks as his big shoulders collide into them. I can feel the hate and anger coursing through our veins. It feels like a drug. He’s high on hate. He’s tripping on anger.

He despises everything, but happiness and laughing are at the top of his hate list. These nice people don’t know what’s coming for them.

Relax, I try to tell him as he snaps a large branch under his paw. These people haven’t done anything to us.

He growls as he picks up the pace, his violent temper blazing like a wildfire.

That’s enough! I scream as I try to pull him in.

He shakes me off easily. I can’t force him to do anything anymore. He’s too strong. He’s too out of control.

It wasn’t always like this. Years ago, we communicated. We actually got along.

But then our mate never came and things went south. He started ignoring me. Shaking off my commands. Then, the hate started. And it has only grown from there.

Dude, chill! I grab his essence and yank him down with all of my might while I force myself up. He shakes me off easily. It doesn’t even slow down his stride.

I’m hopeless in here. It’s been weeks since he’s let me out. All I can do is watch as he inflicts his horror on one town after another. Last week, it was Abottsville, Montana. We got chased out by a posse of men with rifles and shotguns.

I don’t even know where we are now. He escaped into the mountains and we’ve been wandering around the wilderness ever since.

The group up ahead laughs and my vicious bear sprints forward with his heart pounding.

I spot them in the distance and my stomach sinks.

They’re a group of mountain climbers out in nature for a fun day. Two of them are already high up the rocky cliff and the other four are at the base, strapping on their gear while they laugh and joke around.

The sound of laughter and the sight of smiles stokes the fury within my bear. I can feel the intense anger coursing through his body.

He’s full-on feral. It’s the only explanation.

Our mate hasn’t come into our lives and it’s broken him. He’s turned rotten to the core. He’s taken his anger and frustration out on the universe and I can’t do a thing to stop him.

The shifter community polices this kind of thing. They have para-military forces to deal with bears like mine. A couple of bullets in the head is usually what it takes to end a violent feral spree.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one of these units hunting down my savage Kodiak right now. After the mess he caused in Abottsville, we’re certainly on the radar.

The sound of straps being pulled through buckles rings through our ears as the mountain climbers suit up. The smell of tuna sandwiches from their cooler hits our nose.

A pounding rage fills our ears as he runs closer. He’s all tight and on edge, ready for violence, ready to terrorize. He’s looking for a fight. He’s looking for blood. For vengeance.

These people didn’t do anything! I scream as I desperately try to get a hold of him to pull in.

He shakes me off with a growl.

His paws slow to a bloodthirsty prowl. He lowers his head as he watches the mountain climbers with a low snarl. I can feel the territorialness swirling through our bodies. He thinks they’re trespassing on his territory. He thinks the whole damn mountain range is his. He thinks the whole world is his.

You need to stop! I scream at him. Leave them alone!

He continues forward.

One of the guys turns and spots us coming out of the woods. His eyes widen before he opens his mouth and screams. “Bear!!!”

They all gasp when they see my livid Kodiak snarling with his black lip curled over his long sharp teeth.