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Kane Sater was out for blood. Ten years ago he’d been on his way to marrying the woman of his dreams, his life was on track due to a stint in the army and there was nothing but blue skies ahead.

Then someone framed him for murder and he got sent up for life. It took a lot of hard work and many man hours which was about all he had while rotting away in a cell, but he was finally able to prove his innocence.

Now he’s back on the outside, back with his woman and the child he didn’t know he had. Can he be satisfied with this second chance at life and let the past stay dead? Or will circumstances take him back there again?
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Chapter 1

I used to be an easy going, lover of life and all that happy bullshit kinda guy. I used to try to only see the good in people and was the type to give a motherfucker a second chance when no one else would.

These days, not so much! I’ve lost every last vestige of humanity I had and ain’t in no hurry to find it again. I’ve lost a little piece of me that I’m not sure I’ll ever get back.

Used to be my only enemies were the ones on the battlefields in whatever fucked up location the government sent me to-to off assholes that weren’t acting right.

Now I know different. Now I’m sure someone has it out for me on the home front. I don’t know who or why? That’s what I’m about to find out.

If they’re expecting me to be the same happy go lucky fuck they’d setup in the past they were in for a rude awakening. The new me left his heart and anything resembling humanity in a courtroom years ago.

Now if a motherfucker comes at me he’d better come hard. Because if he leaves me standing he’s pretty much fucked. I’m in survival mode and plan to stay in that fuck for life.

I’ve just done ten hard for a crime I didn’t commit, so I have no fucks left to give. Not that I couldn’t off a fucker if warranted, I just didn’t off the one I’d been sent away for.

One night out to celebrate my upcoming wedding had damn near cost me my life and I’ve lost all trust and respect for the justice system.

How the fuck can someone who wasn’t there, who didn’t do it, be blamed for the crime? To this day I still can’t wrap my mind around that shit.

I’d smelt a setup from the get, but could never prove that shit. But I knew deep down even as that shit was happening to me, that one day I’d get the chance.

It took ten years, nine spent sweating it out, and one fighting to get new DNA test and all the other bullshit that was needed to clear me.

I was not surprised and neither was anyone who knew me when that shit came back to someone

else in the end.

Even so it took the assholes a couple more months to let me go. I guess the DA didn’t want to have egg on his face since he made his fucking career on the back of my freedom.

Now I’m pissed way the fuck off and out for blood. I had nothing but time to think and plan on the inside and the more I looked at this shit, the more convinced I became that someone had set me up, no more doubt.

Who and why, I still don’t know yet, but now I’ll have the money to hire the resources to find me the answers I need. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. Revenge.

The stupid fuck lawyer that had helped me on my way behind bars was now chomping at the bit to get his cut of the millions that the city was paying me for stealing ten years of my life.

Like money was going to give me back what they’d taken. Not even close. There ain’t enough fucking green in the world to pay me back for that shit.

They’d separated me from the one thing that meant everything to me in this world. The only thing that had helped me get through my fucked up life when I came back stateside after each deployment.

That’s my old lady Michelle, Shelly for short. She was mine when she was eighteen and I twenty-one, and she was mine when I went away at twenty-four.

Back then my life was good and I didn’t have a care in the world. We were on our way to getting married. In fact that night was the night of my bachelor party.

What was supposed to be one of the happiest nights of my life had turned to shit come morning light and I’d lost and lost big.

Long story short; I got sent up for murder and outside life went on. My fucking woman had lain with another man.

Granted she’d held on for nine years while she raised my son. A son she had never told me about because I’d forbidden her to ever contact me after I was sent away.

I never wanted her to see me like that, never wanted anyone I knew to see me caged like a fucking animal. Not even my mother, and especially my team, were allowed to visit or write.

I knew from day one I wanted my focus to be on getting the fuck out. I didn’t want anyone getting accustomed to seeing me in that hellhole, but to remember me the way I used to be.