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A second chance reunites me with two dragon shifters from my past.

Returning home to take care of my dad, I’m forced to face Tristan.
My dragon shifter mate who rejected me when I got pregnant.
He has no right to meet our son.
I plan to leave as soon as I can.
But when I came face to face with Tristan, old feelings stir.
His powerful, strong body arouses me.
I yearn to spread my wings.
Fly to new heights and couple with him.
Then there’s Gordy, Tristan’s best friend.
His kind, blue eyes draw me in.
I want to bury my head in his spicy, masculine scent.
Run my fingers through his beard.
I should leave before I get tangled up with the two dragon shifters.
But it’s too late.
Can enemies ever become lovers?
Can I give myself to two dragons?

Dragon Lovers is a standalone Paranormal Romance with a HEA and NO cheating!


Dragon Lovers

Chapter One


A mist rolled around the small town. In the background purple mountains rose, blotting out the stars. My stomach churned with nerves and anger and frustration. I blinked away tears, hating that I had to come back here, somehow knowing that my life was always going to lead me home. Plumes of smoke rose from chimneys. The wide main road of the town wended like a snake. Big trucks sat motionless next to a diner. I could smell the eggs and bacon wafting towards me.

A small hand squeezed mine.

“Is this it, Mom?” Deke asked. He looked up at me with his wide eyes. I swallowed a lump in my throat every time I looked at him. He was so much like his father.

“It is. This is my home.” I sighed. “And it’s going to be your home too.”

“But I liked our old home. Why did we have to come here?” he asked in a whiny voice. I understood his frustration. It wasn’t as though I wanted to be here either. It had been five years since I left. Deke knew nothing of this place. This wasn’t home to him. There were no bad memories lingering here, nothing of the past to haunt him. I had sworn that I would protect him from all this, that I would make sure he never knew of his heritage, but it was inevitable that some promises would be broken. I just had to stay strong for him.

“You know why, Deke. We won’t be here for long, I promise. We’ll be back home as soon as we can,” I said, thinking about the bright lights of the city that glittered like stars and the safety that came in numbers. Sure, there were things that I was afraid of and parts of myself that I had to hide, but these were small prices to pay for to have peace of mind. And I knew that deep down Deke would never truly belong in the city, that there would come a time when he would want to know where he came from, but it was too early for that.

Still, I tried to put on a brave face and make the most of the situation.

“You get to meet your Grandpa. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you,” I said.

“I don’t want to meet anyone,” he replied, pouting. It was late. He was tired. We both were. Hunger gnawed in my stomach as well, and I assumed the same was true of him. Dad’s ranch was still a little while away. The bus had stopped short of bringing us into the town. It had already disappeared into the distance, its headlights fading into darkness. We were going to have to stop off for some food before making the final stop. Before we went in I looked up to the sky, just in case I saw the flapping of wings. I hadn’t just left this place behind when I left, but I had ignored my essence as well. The people who lived in this town weren’t ordinary people; we could turn into dragons. It was just another thing I had kept from Deke, and I knew the longer we stayed here the harder it would be to hide it from him.

I walked into the diner, glancing around warily. I nudged Deke into a booth and when the waitress came over she smiled and asked what I wanted. Deke had waffles, I had some bacon, eggs, and toast. The waitress smiled again and then she lingered. I cringed.

“Say, don’t I know you?” she asked, chewing her gum so loud I could hear it smack between her lips.

“I don’t think so,” I replied through gritted teeth, keeping my head bowed and my gaze averted. I glanced at my reflection in the window and ran a hand through my black hair. When I left it had been lighter, but I had changed since then. Five years was a long time, although it wasn’t long enough to forget. The waitress shrugged and called out the order. Deke leaned back, closing his eyes. I felt bad that he had been dragged along here. I would have done anything to stop him from coming back here, but I had nobody I could entrust him to. I had never learned to let anyone else take care of him.