Dr. Hottie’s Alpha (Plentywood Alphas #3) Read Online A.W. Scott

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A calm, focused Omega. An eager, young Alpha. Can they accept their differences to become what they were meant to be?

Chance Reeves is a doctor dedicated to his profession. Bringing babies in this world keeps him in business, but it also leaves him wanting more.
He knows he’s getting up there in age, but what’s an obstetrician to do about finding his Alpha when all the ones he meets are already mated. If only his other half could saunter into his office one day…
Oakley Woods is the youngest of four boys and the most eager to start a family. He’s researched for years to make sure he’s prepared for the fateful day his Omega comes into his life.
When that day comes, Oakley has to face a decision. Is he ok with being a young Alpha to a man who seemingly has it all? Because from the outside looking in, Dr. Hottie has no need for the kind of support Oakley would provide.




“Did you know that your baby is currently the size of an apricot?” I ask Sutton as he sits across from me looking at another website for baby products.

Since he is the first one in our family to be this far along, he's taking extra time to find all of the best things for the tiny creature growing inside of him. Part of me wants to tell him that I've already got a master spreadsheet with every type of baby item imaginable ready for him at the click of a button. I’ve been building it for years, and I periodically go in to update it when the newest gadgets get released or when safety updates are made to something.

I don't know if my brother would appreciate my diligence though. He has been clear that I should let Sutton do whatever he wants today.

So here we are.

I watch him spend time doing something he need not worry about. All the stress and pressure he feels could be gone in an instant if they’d only let me help.


Not today, Oakley.

The material I have will come in handy at some point, but not for this Omega. Sutton is his own person and needs to do things his way.

I push those thoughts away to prevent the doubt that usually follows them. I don’t need to be in a sad state right now. The family is due for dinner any minute. They’ll pick up on my mood, then spend the whole meal reminding me how awesome I am.

I don’t need their encouragements. I understand I will be a good Alpha for the Omega presented to me. I’ve worked hard to make it such.

To avoid their pity, I put on my easygoing smile. It’s the one that makes them think I’m still sweet, little Oakley. The youngest Woods kid who is obsessed with finding his Omega.

It’s a mask. One I wear constantly when we have these family gatherings.

Lately, we have been having more of these meals where we all get together and share how our days are going. Mom and Dad are overjoyed at becoming grandparents, and they want to be involved every step of the way.

“It’s perfect that we’re young. We’ll be able to chase the babies around. I can’t wait to kiss their chubby little cheeks and snuggle them,” mom said during the last dinner together.

Babies because not only is Sutton pregnant, but Tripp, my brother Logan’s Omega, is also pregnant. It’s a two for one bundle in the Woods family.

If only we could get a triple. Preferably with me as part of the play. There’s still Baird to think of, but my oldest brother has no desire to mate these days. At least none that he’s shown me.

I, on the other hand, would do just about anything to have my mate appear. It's not for lack of trying on my part. In our previous life, I searched high and low for my Omega. It was a much larger area, so I never met everyone there, but I had a pretty good idea my person wasn’t around.

Moving to Plentywood and watching my brother’s fall in love has made me wonder if our family is destined to meet their mates here. That would be amazing if so.

I would love to have an Omega to care for. Someone I could love and protect. Someone to care for and grow a family with.

I’ve been preparing for it for most of my life. Every baby article, every medical news Journal that's done a study on Omegas has been the focus of my attention since I realized I was an alpha.

My family thought because of my small size I would be an Omega. It was presumed that way for years before anyone could tell that I was more like my brothers and that I never produced any slick.