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Deviant - Black Mountain Academy

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Dani Rene

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Forbidden. Against the rules. A bad idea.
Black Mountain Academy was my only choice. It was meant to be freedom. But with those watchful eyes, it’s anything but the fresh start I crave.
When you’re good, nobody ever remembers. But when you’re bad, they can’t stop reminding you. I was labelled a rebel, a party girl, a nuisance, even a… never mind, you don’t need to know that.
That all changed when he gave me a label. I submitted to the nickname. I am a Deviant. I revel in the dark, alongside him.
Forbidden. Against the rules. A bad idea.
We can’t stop ourselves from breaking the moral compass. But the stranger is watching me. Every move, every breath, and every dream. He’s there, waiting, biding his time. In the end, he will get me.
When secrets are spilled… Who will be the deviant then? Because where Black Mountain Academy is concerned… never judge a book by its cover.
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Dani Rene


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Two months ago

One heartbreak.

One choice.

One mistake.

And my life has taken a turn, and I’m no longer the girl my dad raised. Haven’t been for a long time, and now I’m the reason he’s no longer here. My father was everything to me, my rock and foundation. And now he’s gone. The police officer paces in front of me, back and forth, left and right. I can’t swallow. My heart is thudding painfully in my throat, threatening to choke me.

They all know who I am. In this city, Dad’s name is everything, and my face on camera is proof that I’m in big shit. I know they’ll be wanting a payout to let me go, but with the news they just delivered, I’m not sure they’ll get what they want.

I fucked up.

I broke my promise.

What the hell did they expect me to do?

Act normal when they told me I’m being shipped off to some shithole town?

My folks pulled me into the living room two days ago, telling me that they’re sending me to some academy. It’s bullshit, and they know it. They didn’t want me around when my dad’s about to run for office. I have a feeling my mother is behind it, more so than dad. She doesn’t want me around, and it’s not a secret.

I was furious.

I refused to go.

But the law had been laid down.

Instead of being the dutiful daughter and agreeing to go to Black Mountain Academy where my mom and aunt attended school, I fought back and partied for two days straight. That was until a couple of hours ago when I was arrested for something I never should have done.

Anger surges through my veins, but the more I attempt to focus on what they’re telling me, I can’t because all I can think about is the shit I’m in. I could go to jail. I could be sent away to somewhere far worse than an elite school in the middle of the mountains. I have two months before I’m nineteen. Having to repeat my senior year will be embarrassing enough, but now I may not even be able to do that.

I don’t want to be sent to prison.

“And she’s going to take primary custody of you while you’re in Black Mountain.” The words break through my panic, and I snap my gaze up at the large, burly man with a receding hairline and salt-and-pepper moustache that makes me shudder.

“What?” I ask instead.

His dark eyes glare at me with annoyance, which glints with the frustration of someone interrupted mid-coitus. The thought would usually make me want to laugh, but I don’t. Instead, I bite the inside of my cheek to remind myself what a shitshow I’ve gotten myself into. This is real fucking life, not some kid’s game gone wrong. I’m eighteen, and they could try me as an adult.

“Your aunt, she’s your mother’s sister. Your mother has given us her contact details, and we managed to track her down when she was home in Black Mountain. I spoke to her earlier, and she’s agreed to the terms. You’ll be able to stay with her and finish your senior year.”

My brows furrow in confusion. “What about my mother?”

The officer shakes his head, his face a picture of pity and sadness as his moustache twitches. Frustration at my mother burns through my veins. Emotion trickles down my spine, settling inside me, seeping into my bones, and I know what he’s going to say before he even says it.

He doesn’t look at me; he’s no longer glaring directly at me when he finally responds, “She’s agreed to have you live with your aunt until you graduate.”

“I’ll be nineteen in a few weeks. Can’t I live on my own? I have my trust fund, which I can live off while I finish school,” I inform him. I’m sure I could live on my own. I mean, it can’t be too hard. My inheritance will ensure I’m taken care of until I can find a job.

“You’ll stay with Midge Olivier until you finish your school year, or you’re welcome to finish your senior year while in jail.” He turns around as if he’s dismissing me to face the other, younger man, who’s been observing our conversation from the corner in his uniform.

“That … I can’t … That makes no sense. Can I speak to my mother?” Fear laces my words. Usually, I’m a pain in the ass, I admit that, but fear is slowly sinking into my chest, causing my stomach to twist into knots.