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Elena and Callium have known each others most of their life and she has always has a secret crush in him. What she didn’t know was Cal as always liked her more then just friends so when he loves back home he os determined to make her his.

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“That is disgusting.” I hand the bottle of Jack Daniels back to my best friend, Tiffany, as I wince from the burn of the amber liquid I just poured down my throat. We’re at a field party at her cousin’s place, and as I always do, I let my best friend talk me into bad choices.

Hence the Jack Daniels.

“It’s an acquired taste.” She chuckles, taking another small sip. “And we’re celebrating.”

“One I don’t think I’ll ever acquire.” I take a long pull of my beer, which, if I’m being honest, doesn’t taste much better. I’ve been nursing it for the last hour, and it tastes like warm piss. No, I don’t actually know what warm piss tastes like, but I imagine it’s exactly like the contents of the red Solo cup I’m holding.

“A few more shots, and you’ll be acquired just fine.” She chuckles.

“Probably.” I shrug. She’s right. The more I drink, the less I worry about the taste.

Getting drunk isn’t something I make a habit of, but tonight we’re celebrating. Tiffany just got moved to the labor and delivery floor at Charmed Cove Area Hospital, where she works as a nurse. It’s a position she’s been hoping for since the day she started nursing school.

I’m contemplating pouring out the warm beer and grabbing another when Tiffany grips my arm. “Elena,” she whispers.

“What?” I turn to look at her. I expect to find her face stricken with fear or anguish, but she’s all smiles. “What’s going on?” I laugh because she’s wagging her eyebrows at me.

“Remember when you tried to talk me out of tonight’s party? You said that we should stay in and celebrate just the two of us?”

I nod. I wasn’t really feeling a field party. Especially when it’s on her cousin’s land. Dex is older than us by eleven years, and he’s cranky as hell. He’s specifically said no to field parties in the past, but this time, Tiffany did it anyway. I was not… hell, I’m still not looking forward to him reaming our asses and kicking everyone off of his land.

“You and I both know Dex is going to be pissed.”

Tiffany waves her hand in the air. “He’s grumpy and needs to get laid.”

“How are you so certain he’s not already getting laid?” I give her a pointed look.

“No man can be that angry if he’s getting the woo-hoo therapy on the regular.”

I can’t contain my laughter as my head falls back, letting the sounds escape from my chest. “You’re too much. Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I’m a nurse.” She shrugs as if that’s the only reply I need. I’ve heard some crazy stories, even for our small town, so I can only imagine what a day in the life of Nurse Tiffany looks like.

“I’m going to let you have that one.” I point at her. “Now, tell me why you were all smiles.”

“I was going to….” Her voice trails off as strong arms wrap around my waist.

I close my eyes and pull in a woodsy scent. With the feel of those strong arms, it could only be one person, but it can’t be. He’s not supposed to be home until next week.

“Miss me?” A deep rumble whispers in my ear.

I close my eyes and focus on breathing deeply. The voice confirms it.

Callum Matthews is back in town.

Of course, he is. I knew he was coming. I just didn’t expect to see him here. Callum and I grew up living next door to one another. He’s two years older than me, and yeah, I’ve crushed on him since I was a kid. The day he left for college, my teenage heart broke into a million shattered pieces. I was sure that he was the one. Now, here we are, almost a decade later, and he still has the ability to render me speechless just by the sound of his voice.

It’s a voice I’ve heard often as his mom still lives next door to my own. We’ve kept in touch with random text messages and emails over the years. Callum was not only my crush, but he was my friend.

He still is.

“Let me guess, that hot guy who asked me for coffee yesterday as I was leaving the café with lunch?” I tease.

“Elena.” My name is a whispered growl, and I’m not sure if he’s trying to ruin my panties for the rest of the night, but he’s excelled at a job well done.



I turn and smile up at him. “Hey, Doc.”

He grins. “Come here, you.” He pulls me into his arms and hugs me tightly, lifting my feet off the ground.