Damaged Souls (Chaos and Carnage MC #2) Read Online Sam Crescent

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Aria Taylor has always been told she wasn’t good enough. After one horrible night, Aria has had enough. She’s determined to lose the weight that people find so ugly.

Grant has proven himself time and time again, but his brother has placed his ass far away from the club. When he’s suspended as VP from the Chaos and Carnage MC, Grant is pissed. He knew Bull didn’t want him at the club anyway.
He likes the receptionist at the veterinary practice where he visits the dogs from the animal shelter. And pursuing Aria is a much more worthwhile use of his time. Everyone sees Grant as the playboy. He’s considered a waste of space. Aria sees him differently though.
When their contact within the Cartel turns up dead, and the bodies start mounting, it’s not just a threat to the club, but the town. Someone wants Carnage.

Grant is given a chance to take his brother’s place, to have the ultimate power, but will he take it? Will he sacrifice everything to finally have control? Is that what he wants? Will the town of Carnage burn like the club?

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Chapter One

Aria Taylor stared down at the wedding photos and she wasn’t even surprised. If she looked closely enough in the corner, she saw part of her body and her chunky arm. No matter what she did, her mother would criticize her. She had attempted to diet for that day. The weight she had lost was never enough.

Staring at the pictures, she felt the tears well, which she hated. Two attacks in the past twenty-four hours was just too much.

Last night had been Halloween, and she had dressed up as a sexy witch, per her best friend’s suggestion. Lidia was constantly telling her how beautiful she was, and that she needed to ignore what people said.

She’d been trying to get into the party, but Lidia’s current boyfriend Sean had told her to leave.

“Yeah, that is not coming to my party. Take your ugly ass away. Lidia is too fucking nice to tell you this, but your fat fucking face is no longer welcome here. She can do so much better than you. Leave.”

It was no shock that her and Sean didn’t get along, but this was the first time he’d verbally attacked her. His friends had been around, and they’d laughed at her.

Humiliated, she had forced a smile and then left.

Now, she opened up the photos her mother had sent her and had to wonder if this had been done on purpose. It was no secret in their family that her sister Isabella was the star. Thin, beautiful, perfect in every single way, and had even scored herself a lawyer. A wealthy man that didn’t seem to mind coming to live in the town of Carnage.

Tears filled her eyes, and she quickly placed the pictures back into the envelope and rushed toward her bedroom.

This was not a hard thing for her.

Her mother was constantly telling her she wasn’t good enough. She opened her closet, gripped the edge of her clothes, and shoved them all to one side, finding what she was looking for, and feeling a little crazy as she grabbed it off the shelf.

The box had once started as a shoebox, but as the years moved on, it had developed into a proper box. Lifting off the lid, Aria didn’t dare look inside. She added the envelope, hoping it would take the memories of the previous night with it as well. She placed the lid back on, lifted it up, and slid it into place on the shelf. Stepping back, she didn’t feel any better. Like so many gifts and horrible reminders before, it made her feel sick to her stomach.

Aria arranged her clothes, running her hands down them and trying to remain calm as she did so. Nibbling her lip, she tried to ignore the sick feeling that swirled in her gut. She closed her closet door, and instead of going to the kitchen, she went straight toward her en suite bathroom. She stopped once she stood directly in front of the mirror, lifted her gaze, and then looked at herself.

Like her sister, she possessed long, blonde hair and blue eyes, but that was where the resemblance ended. She had started to gain weight as a youngster, much to their mother’s misery. Where Isabella was slender, with curves in all the right places, Aria was bigger. Much bigger. Her tits were larger, as were her thighs, hips, ass, arms, just about every single part of her.

“Ugh, why can’t you be more like your sister?”

“I swear, Aria, if they don’t fit, you’re going on a diet.”

“Do you need more fat and sugar? You have enough.”

“No one is going to want to marry the fat girl.”

“Seriously, Aria, enough. You’re fat enough.”

She closed her eyes as the years upon years of insults added up. At twenty-five years old, she had come to dread going to her family’s house. Her dad wasn’t too bad, but then, he always sided with his wife, as she knew best.

He’d always wanted sons, as he felt there was no way he could handle girls. So, he often left them alone to go and have a round of golf, or go to the bar, or anything that stopped him from interfering with his wife’s way of raising two girls.

Aria had lost count of the number of diets she’d been on. How she’d be banned from having cake, pastas, bread. There was even a Christmas her mother would only allow her to eat vegetables. Just the memories of those times had her eyes welling up in tears.

So, staring at her reflection, she grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head, before throwing it to the floor.

She opened the button of her jeans and wriggled them off her hips, and after that was done, she simply stared at herself and then thought of all the insults she had been given. Even the one from last night. Each one chipping away at her.