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Captain of the team? He's not giving up until he's Captain of her heart.

When you're the Captain, you get what you want.
Until the one thing you want refuses to cooperate.
I've been chasing Kelsey, our feisty publicist, for years.
She won't give me the time of day.
I know she wants me too.
I see it in her eyes every time she looks at me.
But she runs as soon as I get close.
I've let her get away with it until now.
But the day she tries to quit without notice?
All bets are off. I'm claiming this curvy queen, no matter what.

Trying to keep this hockey team in line is exhausting.
It's like herding feral cats with a penchant for scandal.
They never do what I say. Except for Kris.
He's the only one who ever listens.
I've been in love with him for years.
But he doesn't know that I've been sick most of my life.
I've tried to protect him, but the truth is out now.
And I can't hide anymore.
But letting this man love me is the most terrifying thing I've ever done.
Am I strong enough, or are we on the fast track to heartbreak?

When the team captain makes a play for the publicist, he won't back down until he's Captain of her heart. If you enjoy laugh-out-loud comedy, steamy romance, over-the-top hockey players, and sassy heroines, you'll love Kris and Kelsey's emotional story. As always, Nichole Rose titles come with a sugary-sweet and guaranteed HEA.

This book deals with chronic illness and infertility.

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Chapter One


Five Weeks Ago

I feel Kristján Jónsson following me long before I hear the blades of his skates cutting across the ice behind me. My heart races, even though it shouldn't. Kris is off-limits with a capital O.

He's the captain of the hottest hockey team in the NHL, the catch of the century…and the only man on the planet I dream about. He's also the one I'll never say yes to.

I wish he'd stop asking already.

No. That's a lie.

The day he quits chasing me will be the day my heart breaks for good. He's been asking me out for two years, and I've been shooting him down for just as long. It never deters him. He gives me space, but never too much. Never enough to let me forget that he's here. Waiting.

Never enough to make me forget how much I want him.

"Wait up, elskan mín."

Elskan mín. He's been calling me that for months but won't tell me what it means. I'm a little afraid to look it up. I figure it'll either mean something offensive, at which point I'll have to kill him, or it'll mean something wildly inappropriate, and I'll fall even harder.

I can't afford to fall harder. Well, that's not true. Giving my whole heart to him would be as easy as breathing. But he can't afford for me to fall harder.

He has a future to think about…and I don't. Not one that a man like him needs to worry about, anyway. My blood is poison. I'll never have a completely normal life. I've known that since I was eleven. But that isn't his cross to bear. It's mine.

"You have a game, Kris. You should go get ready for that. Preferably before one of your teammates gives me more work to do this week," I say, not stopping to wait for him. I promised Gray Larsen that I'd watch the interview with Rhonda, a fan who won my disastrous Win a Date contest, got drunk, and proceeded to vomit all over him. It looks bad for him. The press has been insinuating that he did something inappropriate ever since.

We have no idea what Rhonda's going to say in her interview tonight, but I'm hoping she clears Gray's name. He's a great guy. He doesn't deserve the flak he's caught because I had a bad idea. I owe it to him to fix the problem since it was mostly my creation.

"We need to talk."

"We don't," I disagree, slipping out of the arena into the team hallway. The last thing I need to do is talk to Kris right now. He's too tempting, and I'm not nearly strong enough to resist him. Maintaining a healthy distance is the only thing that keeps me from throwing myself at him.

The clunk of his skates on the cement reaches my ears. Great. He's going to damage the blades. Stubborn, infuriating, gorgeous, perfect….

"What?" I growl, spinning to face him.

He's a lot closer than I expected. Too close. His hard body brushes mine as he presses me up against the cinderblock wall, blocking me in so I can't escape. He looms over me, as imposing as a glacier, as bright as the sun. His warm scent wraps around me, wiping every thought from my mind.

Those beautiful crystalline eyes settle on my face, probing and inquisitive. He's always so focused on me, so curious. He watches me as if he notices every little thing I do, every move I make. As if he knows every single thing about me. Yet he doesn't. He doesn't know what I've been hiding from him and everyone else for years.

He doesn't know that I'm sick.

Sick. I almost laugh out loud at the word. If leukemia is sick, then hell is just an underground sauna. There is no cure for the kind I have, but it isn't terminal. Unless I'm seriously unlucky, I won't die until I'm old and gray. I was fortunate to have been born when I was. Fifteen years earlier and the story would have gone differently. But I'll never have babies of my own. My "normal" life will consist of a steady diet of medication that keeps me functioning and prayers that I stay in remission this time. I've never made it to the five-year mark without a flare-up.

Kris doesn't need that kind of turmoil in his life.

He's at the top of his game, one of the best players in the league. He's the heart of this team. My diagnosis tore my family apart. My parents divorced. My mom turned to alcohol. I haven't even seen her in years. It was just me and my dad until he died. I know the kind of toll it can take on people. I don't ever want that to be Kris.

"You seem stressed, elskan mín," he murmurs, cupping my face. His thumb runs just beneath my eye, sending my heart into overdrive. A lock of his overly-long blond hair falls across his forehead. "You know what happened with Gray wasn't your fault."