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She’s got her whole life planned out, but she never saw him coming.

Valerie Boyd is ready to graduate. She’s spent the past three years, nose buried in her books, preparing for it. After she tosses that cap in the air, she’ll be on a plane headed anywhere but here–leaving the pain of her past behind.
When she drops into a seat next to her high school crush, Brody Ryan, on the first day of classes, the simple school year she’d envisioned starts looking pretty complicated.
Brody Ryan is the guy in the friend group everyone trusts for a good time. His senior year has snuck up on him, and with his father breathing down his neck about his future, he knows he needs to get it together. The problem is, he hasn’t got a clue where to start.
When they’re paired together for a school project, Val and Brody can’t agree on much besides their favorite coffee shop. But as they bicker over everything else, they also find themselves battling a mutual attraction. As Val grapples with the reasoning behind her future plans, Brody wonders how he could persuade her to make him a part of them.
Coffee & the Contingency Plan is an opposites-attract, college romance that follows a bookish, straight-A student and her goofy, takes-nothing-seriously classmate as they find harmony in their mutual coffee addiction and challenging each other to step out of their respective comfort zones. This standalone is the first in a series of novels that follows a group of friends in a small town as they navigate life and find love in a small town.

This book mentions previous death of a parent.


Chapter One


Behind every morning person is an addiction to coffee. What, you thought I made it through the last three years of college merely out of spite and ambition? I tried that routine as a naive freshman, but the moment I discovered the masterpiece that is a white chocolate mocha from Give ‘er the Beans, my favorite coffee shop located a stone’s throw from campus, my life changed.

It took some time to get here. My first mistake was trying to slug a cup of their dark roast in desperation the morning after an all night bender—of studying, obviously. Turns out black coffee was too rich for my blood there at the beginning. My handwriting for the essay I wrote later that morning had been comparable to an inflatable tube man trying to make his way through a windstorm. After swearing off it for months afterward, my best friend here at college, Breegan McCormick, talked me into trying again. She ordered for me—a blended drink that was ninety-five percent sugar and a little caffeine. My order has changed multiple times since then, but I always come back to my beloved white chocolate mocha.

Which is why I’m here at Beans on the last Friday before classes, shuffling into my favorite booth by the window with a large latte in hand. The name of this place made me giggle the first time I found it, but the owners are a husband and wife duo, and the husband had a stint in racing before he got injured in a terrible wreck. The name made more sense, along with the switch to a safer profession.

It’s a cozy little spot, only steps from campus with plenty of windows and natural light. I fell in love with space immediately. There are green plants in all the nooks and crannies, and the place is covered from floor to ceiling in wood. The walls are filled with farmhouse-style knick knacks, interesting car parts, and art by local artists. The large counter toward the back of the space is covered in pallet wood, and I’m obsessed with it.

It’s a toss up between here and the campus library where I spend more time during the school year. But I only come here early in the morning. With its proximity to campus, it’s easy to finish homework before heading to class.

Before I knew better, I stopped in at all times of the day for a change in scenery when I’d spent too many hours in the library. The coffee smell itself helps me focus, and their cinnamon brown sugar scones are my favorite carb—and that’s saying something, because I love my carbs. But now I know that these hours before the rest of the world wakes up are their own kind of magic.

I look around at the scattered patrons as I pop the top off my cup to get the liquid to perfect sipping temperature. Everyone is minding their own business. And the best part? Everyone is quiet. It’s like we all have this unspoken agreement to leave each other alone.

I pull everything I need from my backpack, organizing it all in front of me, including my favorite writing utensils. I’ve been called an office supply junkie a few times in my life, and I can’t even be mad—it’s an accurate assessment. Back-to-school is my favorite time of year, not only because I’m eager to graduate and get out of here, but because the sales are a great excuse to stock up on all my favorite things while they’re cheap.