Catastrophe Magnet (Hunters & Co #1) Read Online J.B. Heller

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Moving to small town Shiloh Springs from Manhattan was an adjustment Arlo was prepared for. Being accosted by a blonde that made him forget his own name, in the middle of the town’s one and only coffee shop, the first day of his new job no less… not so much.
Kida has something to prove. Her bounty hunting family doesn’t see her as a valued member of the team. So she may have had a few minor incidents in the past—it’s not like she meant to break that guys nose, or his collarbone—But Kida is nothing if not determined.
When her father gives her one last chance to bring in an easy target, without bloodshed or broken bones this time, she jumps at the opportunity. But things don’t quite pan out the way Kida planned.
Now she’s left trying to avoid the town’s newest resident who’s surprisingly hard to stop thinking about while keeping her father in the dark about her latest mishap. Totally doable, right?


Chapter One

It’s been four months since my last incident, and I’m ready to get back out there.

I’ve been doing extra training with Snow and Ariel and tagging along on their retrievals whenever I can. They still get all protective big sister on me when they think the skipper is too dangerous, but they let me come most of the time.

Having four overprotective older sisters really blows sometimes. I wish they saw me as one of them as opposed to an accident-prone baby who needs constant supervision, so I must prove I can be as good as they are.

Bounty hunting is our legacy, and I’m the only one who isn’t allowed in the field.

I might have had a few mishaps in the past, but they were all accidents and rarely my fault. Like if the last guy had tied his shoelaces like a freaking adult, he wouldn’t have tripped and fallen down the stairs, resulting in a broken collarbone, nose… and a few teeth.

Smoothing my clammy hands down my black turtleneck, I drop my gaze to Bosco, my British bulldog sidekick, best friend, and emotional support pup. “We’ve totally got this,” I tell him, infusing my tone with confidence. His itty-bitty stump of a tail wiggles relentlessly as he nuzzles my leg, and then we’re off, striding into my dad’s corner office at our family business, Hunters & Co.

I wrap my knuckles against the open-door frame, then stop just inside with Bosco hot on my heels. “I’m ready to take on my own case,” I announce.

My dad’s gaze lifts to me, and he slowly shifts back in his worn leather chair, lacing his hands over his flat stomach. I wish I could read his expression, but he gives nothing away. I swallow, then move farther into the room, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk, my shoulders stiff, my back ramrod straight.

After a prolonged, awkward as hell silence, he finally speaks. “And what makes you think you’re ready, princess?”

Dropping a hand to smooth my fingertips over Bosco’s big head where he’s positioned by my booted feet, I clear my throat. “Well, I’ve been doing extra training, which has really helped improve my coordination. Snow and Ariel have been taking me along with them, and when they can’t, I’ve tagged along with Kline. I’ve also practiced arresting Val like a hundred times, over the Christmas and New Year break. I’m ready.”

Dad’s lips tug to the side, and I think he’s at least considering it, but then he asks, “Is that why Valentine’s covered in bruises?”

I scoff. It totally is, but I’ll never admit it to my dad. Not while I’m trying to convince him to put me back in the game. “Uh no. He probably has some freaky sexual fetish or something.”

Val pops his head in, glare fixed on me. “Hey! I heard that. I have very normal sexual desires, and they very rarely result in bodily harm, thank you very much.”

Rolling my eyes, I shoo him away, then turn my focus back to my dad.

I can read his smirk loud and clear. He doesn’t buy it. But he lets it go, his gaze dropping down to a small stack of files on the corner of his desk. A tiny spark of hope blooms in my chest, and I cross my fingers in my lap as my teeth sink into my bottom lip.

Never underestimate the power of silence.

I squirm in my seat, anticipation gnawing at my insides.


I shoot out of my seat and throw my arms around him before he can get another word out. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He hugs me back until I release him and return to my seat. His smile is wide and full of love as he shakes his head at me. “There are conditions though,” he says.