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He’s an Upper West Side playboy with a god complex.
She’s a single mom with zero time for bullsh*t.

Fresh from divorce, Maryn Connelly has just moved out of the only home she’s known for the past twenty years, relocated to the beach, and reentered the workforce. With her daughter home from college for the summer and a new job she adores, Maryn certainly doesn’t have time for a gorgeous man—as arrogant as he is sexy and over ten years her junior—to swoop into her life and stir up trouble. But that’s just what happens when her daughter secretly places an ad to rent out the casita behind their beach house and Manhattan’s most notorious playboy shows up at the door.

After recently inheriting the fastest growing investment firm in New York, Ridge Westcott has a publicity problem. The latest notch in his bedpost was the daughter of a senator and barely eighteen, and now his Board of Directors wants to vote him out. So when his PR team sends him across the country so they can do damage control, Ridge ends up renting a beachside casita from a woman whose no nonsense attitude is just what he needs—and apparently exactly what he wants.

Their chemistry is undeniable, but when sparks fly, more than just the bed sheets could go up in flames.



I don’t often share the playlists for my books within the books themselves, but this one feels so perfect for these two characters, that I am compelled to include it.

Anderson East played a big role in setting the mood for this story. Specifically, the first song on this list. The second song on this list, by Ashley Monroe, is so perfectly Maryn, that it’s a close tie for first place.

So that you’re not surprised, I want to warn you that you won’t find any 90s R&B on this playlist, even though you’ll soon discover that it’s Maryn’s favorite music to dance to. This playlist was for me, not Maryn. It set the mood, the sensual atmosphere for these two characters as they tried so hard to fight the inevitable.

You can listen to the CASITA CASANOVA playlist on Spotify HERE.

“All on My Mind” – Anderson East

“Hands on You” – Ashley Monroe

“Wicked Games” – The Weeknd

“Cry to Me” - Marc Broussard

“Home” – Marc Broussard

“King for a Day” – Anderson East

“Down to the Bottom” – Dorothy

“She Burns” – Foy Vance

“Wish I Knew You” – The Revivalists

“Roll the Bones” – Shakey Graves

“Pretty When You’re High” – Dorothy

“Lonely Night in Georgia” – Johnnyswim, Vince Gill

“Oil & Water” – TEEKS

“Wicked Game” – Chris Isaak

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” – KT Tunstall

“Whole Lotta Love” – Hozier

“Your Water” – Parker Millsap, Sarah Jarosz

“Love On the Brain” – Cold War Kids, Bishop Briggs

“Devil in Me” – Anderson East

Chapter One


Divorce is definitely not my favorite D-word.




Those are good D-words, but divorce?

My phone buzzes on the kitchen counter, my ex-husband’s face lighting up the screen. Speaking of D-words…

I hit the red button and decline his call. There’s nothing to talk about. He had the grace to stay in a hotel this week while I packed up my half of our twenty years together, and according to the time on my phone, I still have until tomorrow morning at nine o’clock to be ex-husband-free. And I’m taking every minute of that agreed-upon time without him.

Divorce was the right move—I can’t pretend that’s not the case—but spending half a lifetime with someone, just to see your life together go up in flames is not what I envisioned for my future at any point in my past. Even when something is right, it can still hurt like hell.

And this did.



It’s monumental, this breakup. I’ve been with him almost as long as I lived without him.

The dissolution of our marriage culminated in the entirety of the life Eddie and I created spread out before us on a mahogany conference table, his attorney to his left, mine to my right, and a mediator positioned in the middle at the head of the table, watching, judging, as we discussed who got the airline miles, the cars, the family home, the beach house…

The goddamn dog…

The fact that we even debated that should tell you everything you need to know about my ex-husband. I picked the dog out at the shelter. I brought the dog home. I fed and walked and bathed him. I dealt with the backlash from a man who very loudly—and very often—professed how very much he




But when it came to deciding who would keep Ribbit? Eddie put up a fight.

Because of course he did. He’s a spiteful piece of work, that one.

Thank God Arabella was old enough that we didn’t have to bargain over who got her in the divorce.

In actuality, neither of us got Ari. The beaches of Santa Cruz have our daughter now, which has been a blessing during this godawful divorce. Because she was away at school, she avoided seeing the bulk of our chaos, missed the back-and-forth battles between Eddie and me. She’s just finished her first year of college at UCSC, and only comes to visit on holidays and during summer break. My move has come at the perfect time; now that she’ll be home for the summer, she can split her time between her parents instead of being trapped in a home with us.