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I swear didn’t mean to pepper-spray the tall, dark, hot man lurking in the bushes outside my villa.
Especially since it turns out he’s my childhood best friend, Seth Carlisle.
The first boy I ever crushed on.
The one who got away.
I definitely didn’t expect him showing up as my new security detail.
In my defense, I thought he was my abusive, stalker ex or the crazy paparazzi trying to snap another embarrassing photo.
Being a mega pop star isn’t always easy.
I’m not sure why I thought hiding out in Vegas from my insane celebrity lifestyle was a smart idea.
I came for a quiet retreat to heal physically and emotionally and reflect on my messy life, but honestly, I could use the distraction.
There’s no denying our attraction.
The kindhearted boy with the messy dark hair, soul-piercing eyes, and incredible smile has grown into the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
It broke my heart the day I left Montana to follow my dreams and Seth joined the military with my brother.
I never stopped thinking about him.
Time hasn’t changed a thing.
One look at him and old feelings are alive again.
It’s no surprise we cozy up quickly.



“The conditions are ripe for attracting that special person into your life.”

Being one of America’s favorite pop star princesses has its perks.

Flying to Vegas on a luxurious private jet. A flashing billboard with my face plastered on it. Riding down the strip in the back seat of a posh maroon Rolls Royce. Escorted to a top-secret hotel entrance. Checking into a secluded five-thousand-square-foot villa, I’m told is a smaller version of the Palace of Versailles, and it’s housed the likes of Tony Bennett and Celine. Hell, even the Obamas stayed here.

Not bad for a small-town girl from Deer Creek, Montana.

“We’re going to make a ton of cash,” my manager, Max, bragged last week after finalizing a contract, making me one of the highest-paid Vegas residencies. “Fans will come in droves to see Ruby Roads perform. You, doll, are the next queen of Sin City.”

The newest hotel and casino, The Capricorn, is fast becoming the hippest party place in Vegas. And it’s my new home for the next two months.

Why does it all feel so anticlimactic? Because you have no one in your life to share it with.

Typically, I’m immune to the over-the-top privileges offered to me and choose the less grandiose road traveled. I like to think I’m still an average down-to-earth kind of girl.

I don’t need five Michelin Star restaurants to impress. Once in a while, a girl wants to stay in, eat a greasy cheeseburger and fries while binge-watching The Bachelor. Which is precisely what I plan on doing tonight.

Now, if I can just locate the damn villa, I’ll be fine.

Not sure snatching the key card from concierge, insisting I wanted privacy and could find it myself, was a smart idea.

As I pilot the fancy, electric golf cart through a dimly lit winding concrete path, my surroundings grow eerily silent and dark. Maybe I should have taken advantage of the royal treatment and had one of the twelve attendants on duty give me the VIP check-in tour.

No one knows I’m here a week early. I needed to get the hell out of L.A. and escape the celebrity world in exchange for a quiet, relaxing retreat before rehearsals start next week.

I was starting to feel like a caged animal with no privacy. Ever since ‘the incident’ last month between me and my longtime, now ex-boyfriend Cody Turner, I can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi bombarding me.

This past year has been a struggle with the death of my twin brother, Logan. He was an Army Ranger killed in some secret combat mission overseas. The only family I had left.

Then I met Cody, six months ago, at a Hollywood after-party for another musician at my record label. He caught me in his arms and saved me from plunging into the pool when a drunk Victoria’s Secret model bumped into me.

It was instant sparks. We laughed and danced and talked all night, like we’d known each other forever. It was the first time I felt alive since my brother’s death. Cody was a perfect gentleman and left me on my doorstep with nothing but a steamy kiss at night’s end.

I was giddy when Cody called me the next day. He took me for a lovely dinner, and after, we walked the beach hand in hand, enjoying the sunset. It was the most romantic night of my life.

I invited him back to my home, pouncing on him before we even made it through the door. I mean, the man was super sweet with muscles for days, and I hadn’t had sex in like forever. Then he shocked me and said he was saving himself for marriage.

I respected him for waiting, even though I wanted to bang him seven ways into next Sunday.