Buzz (Night Howler’s MC New Orleans #1) Read Online Marissa Ann

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Total pages in book: 29
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Buzz- intelligent, aggrieved and revengeful.
Markayla- blameless, lovely and charming.

An unexpected turn happens when Buzz seeks revenge for his sister’s murder. He falls in love with the enemy’s sister!
Markayla didn’t know what her step brother had been doing. She was simply an innocent bystander in this messed up scheme of kidnapping and murder.
When Buzz takes Markayla from her everyday life and fills her in on what her step brother is really doing, she is in disbelief and filled with disgust.
But as Buzz and Markayla learn more about each other, passion grows between the two.
Buzz wants revenge, but can he get his revenge for his sister without Markayla being endangered by her obsessive step brother? Can Markayla escape the clutches of her possessive step brother and be the woman Buzz needs? Or will they be torn apart by a murderous, manipulative individual?

Can be read as a stand alone. Characters from the Wolfsbane Ridge MC series make appearances in this title.




Several years ago, my little sister was raped and murdered. Her killer was never caught. She had been emailing a guy she had met in an online chat room. Even though the authorities had his name he used online, every lead came to a dead end. It didn’t stop me from continuing the search.

A few weeks ago I caught a break. Another programmer I knew from when I was still in the service stumbled across the same name with a different unique IP address that constantly bounces around making it almost impossible to follow.

However, follow it I did and where it winds up leading me has me second guessing what I am planning.

I’ll take something from him. His beautiful sister Markayla. But we don’t hurt innocents. I will protect her as best I can. I plan on her step brother paying for what he did to my sister with his own blood. What I don’t plan for is falling hard for my enemy’s sister.


Even after all of these years I can’t believe my mother was stupid enough to fall for my step father. I have never doubted he had something to do with her disappearance. I’ve just never been able to prove it.

You would think that with her gone, I’d be free of the Marcus family. Unfortunately for me, my step father adopted me when he married my mother.

My step brother absolutely hates me and I am certain that our Papa is the only one keeping him from doing whatever he wants to me.

The look I see in his eyes any time I run into him while I am out with friends or a date scares me to my core. I refuse to let him know just how scared of him I really am.

If anything ever happens to Papa or I become expendable in his eyes, I will need to run and run fast. Getting away before he gives me to Joe to do whatever he wants with me, will take a miracle.

Chapter 1


The last six months of my life have been a living hell. Papa Tony left out of the country on business leaving Joey, my adopted step-brother essentially in charge of the family business here in New Orleans.

He’s the reason I now rarely sleep. He and his cronies forced me to move out of my apartment and back into the main house surrounded by guards. According to him, Papa Tony demanded it and no one says no to Papa Tony. Not even me.

Papa Tony was always a hard man that never really showed any type of affection for anyone. I rarely ever saw him hold my mothers hand. I asked her about it once; she just said he had very good reasons as to why. Sounded stupid and cryptic if you asked me.

When Joey forced me back into the main house, he had his guards take away my phone as well as my computer. While I never saw my phone again, I stumbled across a computer that I thought was mine but looking at it now, I know that it isn’t.

For a couple weeks now my guards that are always shadowing me have become lax in their duties by leaving me unattended at a local coffee shop that I go to daily.

I’ve purposely cultivated my daily routine to be as boring as humanly possible in hopes that they would back off a little so that I can make plans to get as far away from here as I can.

There are a lot of files on this computer that I found that I want to break the encryption to get into them. They have to be truly important to have such sophisticated code hiding them. Hopefully something that I can take to the authorities to put Joey behind bars forever. The shithead truly scares me.

I have to find a way to break this code before they figure out this computer is missing. I use the cafe’s free wifi to look for someone on the dark web that might help me. This morning there is an encrypted message that I can easily get into that was sent to my email.