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Breeder - Redneck

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Jordan Silver

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Royce Carstairs had one thing on his mind when he sought her out, revenge. While he’d been off saving the world, someone had taken everything that meant anything to him. Now after a year of planning, he was ready to put his plan in motion. He hadn’t meant to fall for her, she was supposed to be a means to an end. But after having her tied to his bed for weeks, he found something more than the cold vengeance he’d been after.
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Jordan Silver


“How’s my little breeder?” Her eyes flew up to mine from her place on my bed, where her arms and legs were still tied, leaving her body open for my pleasure. Her eyes no longer spat fire at me these days; it was more like a smoldering flame. Lust mixed with anger and just a lingering tinge of fear.

The fear stemmed from my unpredictability and the uncertainty of what comes next from one day to another. But not since her first two weeks as my captive have I given her reason to fear me. In fact I think she’s more afraid of what she’d become, of her body’s response to me and the things I make her feel, than of any physical harm perpetrated by me.

I had one of her naked tits in my hand, fondling the pebbled erect nipple while I had the fingers of the other stuffed in her wet cunt. I smiled into her eyes as the significance of my words registered.

I finger fucked her nice and deep, spreading her open to take my cock which was unusually hard at the fact that I’d bred her sweet young pussy, which had been my sole intent; my reason for taking her.

After weeks of trying I’d finally got the results I’ve been hoping for. But planting my seed in her was only half the battle; we’d only just begun. I grinned at her when her eyes widened with realization. She shook her head no, I nodded mine yes.

Poor little girl lost, her whole life had just been turned upside down. She made a sound of distress and I lowered my head to take her lips beneath mine to calm her. I shouldn’t care about her comfort, but somehow I couldn’t seem to help myself.

I didn’t want to feel anything for her, hadn’t set out to, but from the very beginning she’d got under my skin. It hadn’t stopped me from going through with my sinister plans though. I was owed a debt and she was the only one who could pay it.

I pulled my fingers from her wet pussy and licked them slowly one by one, while looking into her eyes. “Aren’t you happy you’re going to have my baby? Say ‘yes Royce’. I pinched her nipple and fucked my fingers back into her hard.

“Yes Royce.” She said it too grudgingly for my liking so I set about making her a little more pleasant. I wouldn’t even give her that, the ability to defy me.

In the last few weeks I’d taught her body how to respond to my every touch, even when she fought me. Her lips might scream and yell invectives at me, but her body always told a different story.

I pressed my thumb down on her fat clit and eased the pressure of the fingers I had stuffed in her hot cunt. It wasn’t long before her moans reached my ears and her face heated with embarrassment. “You love that don’t you babygirl? Should I fuck you with something harder, longer?” I teased her as she bit into her lip to hide the moans of pleasure before they escaped.

Even as her eyes held defiance, she pushed her pussy into my hand trying to get my fingers even deeper inside her hungry cunt. I teased her cunt mercilessly, until her juices began to flow. I wanted her mindless before I gave her my cock, which is what she’s really after. I didn’t miss the way her eyes kept flicking to it ever since I came back into the room.

She was still fighting her need after all these weeks, but we both knew that as soon as I climbed between her legs she’d let me have her any way I want. It had become a game between us. Her holding out as long as she could while I used her body against her until she had no control left.

In a few minutes she’d beg me to fuck her but I won’t give in until she cursed at me until she got her way. I liked bringing her to that point so that as she lay here afterward the memory would keep her company. I started the game as usual, using words to inflame her until I sent her body up in flames.

“I wonder what your parents would say if they could see you now. Especially the man who used to be your dad.” I grinned at her look of apprehension. That was a new one. I’ve been taking pictures of her since the night I took her and tied her to my bed, but she never knew the reasoning behind my photography. I’d even let her think once or twice that I was sharing them on the net.

“Should I send him a picture of me fucking you from behind? Or maybe the video of the first time I took your ass. You remember, when you cried and pleaded for me to stop because I tore your ass, only to beg me seconds later to fuck you harder?” I kissed her trembling lips as she started to speak. I didn’t want to hear anything but her screaming pleas to be fucked.