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Hunter Shaw is handsome, charming, and a minor celeb on the collegiate team roping circuit. Not to mention, he looks damn fine in a cowboy hat. So it’s no surprise when he’s ardently pursued to be the star on a new streaming network’s debut program—a reality dating show. The money on offer would do wonders for his family’s charity, but it’s only after catching a glimpse of the show’s host that he’s all-in. The former Ms. Montana catches his eye and his interest…inconvenient, to say the least, when he’s about to date twenty women on national television.

Kipton Howse also desperately needs the money from hosting Swipe Right , but for different reasons. With barely a glance at the contract, she signs on for the two-month shoot. She’ll do her job, collect her payment, then put Shaw Ranch in her rearview. Of course, she didn’t count on loving the place so much…or the entire Shaw family…or Hunter himself. From the moment they meet, sparks fly, and they only get hotter as the show continues, despite a houseful of women vying for his attention.

Sexual tension is at an all-time high when things take a dramatic turn, both on and off the cameras, thanks to the show’s rabid fans—who vote to shake things up in a way no one saw coming. It’s safe to say Kipton and Hunter’s sizzling attraction is no longer a secret. But at least one contestant isn’t ready to admit defeat.

After all…what's reality TV without a bit of drama?

Brave Enough is book three in the Love in Montana series. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but for a better reading experience the author recommends you reading in order.

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A few months back, Missoula, MT

“You want me to do what?” I asked the two gentlemen sitting at the table across from me.

They waited for the server to finish clearing the plates from lunch. “We want you to star in a social dating experiment to help kick off a new network. And to make things interesting, portions will be aired live over a two-month period. No scripts, just real-life experiences.”

I stared at them silently for what I knew was much longer than I should have. “I’m sorry…Jack and Travis, correct?”

They both nodded. “Jack Morris and Travis Ryan.”

I smiled politely as I said, “My first question is, why me?”

The older guy, Jack, who was maybe in his early thirties, cleared his throat. “May I be frank with you?”

“I wish you would.”

“My mother was a huge fan of your father’s. Brock Shaw is a legend in this industry. She loves everything and anything to do with rodeos and the PBR. She’s followed your budding college career with team roping, and from what she tells us, you seem to have a big fan base of your own, both on and off campus.”

Travis cut in, “And I’m perfectly fine enough with my own masculinity to say that you’re a good-looking guy. You’re built from years of working on a ranch, you’re…what, about five-eleven?”

I nodded.

“Right. So you have your father’s looks, you’re a cowboy, your family is wealthy and has a rather large ranch here in Montana—if not the largest. The question should be…why not you? You are the future of your family’s legacy, so it should be your turn.”

I fidgeted in my seat some as I rubbed the back of my neck. “That was frank. And someone obviously did their homework—right down to how tall I am.”

Jack spoke again, “We want to be as open as we can with you, Hunter. Our parents’ company is starting the new network and we need something big to kick it off. There is a lot of competition out there, so the first few shows need to pull people in fast, especially women. My mother, in particular, wants to focus on empowering women with this network. It’s not going to be filled with shows on how to make Grandma’s meatloaf. More like how to build a house like the one your grandmother lived in. With that said, women—”

“And men,” Travis added.

Jack nodded. “And men like reality dating shows. Look at the more popular ones that are out right now. Their fans have what they call nations. These people throw viewing parties for every episode, or when they’re airing the finale.”

“I don’t want to get married. I’m only twenty-one, and not to mention, I’m still in college.”

They both laughed. “We’re not going to ask you to get married. Here’s what we propose. The show will be called Swipe Right and the tagline will be, ‘The Challenges of Dating in the Real World.’ We’ll take a group of women, twenty of them, and house them all together. You’ll have a set number of women—let’s say two—to take out each week. They will be randomly picked. The show will then arrange and pay for you and your date to head out on some magical kind of adventure away from the ranch. However…we’d like to film most of it on your family’s ranch.”