Bossy Billionaire (Billionaire Brothers #2) Read Online Lexi Asher

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I blew off an annoyingly hot billionaire in a bar. His revenge? He hires me as his assistant.
He’s still pissed over his bruised ego, and he misses no opportunity to make my life hell.
But I can give as good as I take, which of course only makes him boss me around harder.
Our arguments get too heated and soon … this office is getting too hot.
I knew fate can be cruel but I didn’t foresee this twist.
How was I supposed to know the rich player hitting on me was my future boss?
Now he makes me do the most boring chores and even pretend to be his fake girlfriend.
But underneath it all … I sense that there’s another side to him.
There are a million excuses to only see him for the tormentor that he is.
And there are a million reasons to hate him with every fiber of my being.
But somehow I can’t brush off the way he makes me feel deep down.
And when he finally drops his mask and shows me the real him, I can’t help but wonder…
Should I let this small fire turn into an inferno?


Chapter 1 - Eli

I was tired of the VIP section with my buzzkill friends reminding me I had to interview new assistants tomorrow, asking me if I’ve had enough to drink. Acting more like babysitters than friends. I cleared out, leaving them to worry by themselves on the plush velvet couches. I winked at one of the cocktail servers as she raised her tray full of shots for me to take one and knocked it back as I left the roped off area and went downstairs.

The music was loud, and I could feel it bumping through the soles of my shoes. There was a time I actually had fun at these places. I came to blow off steam after a long work week, as a reward for getting all my deadlines met. I used to laugh with my friends instead of ignoring their judgmental glances like I do now. The dance floor was a treat, not a chore.

I knew the buzzkills on the upper level were right and I shouldn’t have been there on a Tuesday night. It was one thing to drag my ass into work half out of it on a normal day, but I really did need to find a new assistant since no amount of raises or begging could keep Alfred from finally retiring. I suppose he deserved to be free of me, after being assigned to me by my dad right after I graduated college and joined the family publishing business full time.

Another cocktail server whipped by with her tray high in the air and I reached up to grab another shot. I wanted to stop thinking about work and losing one of the only people at the magazine who understood me and gave me a firm kick in the ass when needed. I felt like tomorrow would be an ass kicking, but he’d have to deal with the interviews with me at half speed. I got my work done and the magazine my dad left me was doing fine. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was skill, but I hadn’t run it into the ground. Maybe it was my ability to keep everything locked away in a tight little box while I was in the office, and then force myself to forget about it at places like this when the box got too full and threatened to burst.

“Hey, stranger.”

A pair of delicate hands on my waist made me turn around to see who was talking to me. Blonde hair with purple tips, a painted on purple dress. I felt a pang of guilt for not remembering her name even though she’d been back to my apartment with me. Maybe it was last week, last month? I’d been getting in trouble for calling women by the wrong name, and my mood was already going south fast. I didn’t need a whiny pout if I got it wrong. I knew I didn’t have enough luck that getting it wrong would just make her go away.

“Hey, you,” I said.

She leaned closer and went for a kiss. I turned my head at the last second, remembering she was kind of a pain in the ass in the mornings. Her lip turned down, but she tugged me toward the dance floor anyway, not ready to give up. I heard my older brother Will’s voice telling me to stop engaging at all if I didn’t want a relationship. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want one, I wasn’t a kid anymore. Twenty-nine would be a fine time to settle down. But not everyone met the love of their life in middle school and never had eyes for anyone else after that like Will did. Fate doesn’t often let you find someone as great as his wife, Callie. Even then, fate took her from him, from all of us, so what was the point in trying?