Boss With Benefits (Small Town Heroes #6) Read Online Summer Brooks

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I should’ve been the one to dump my ex for being a criminal.
Instead, he dumped me for wanting a baby.
In my defense, I had no idea he was so sketchy, or I never would’ve wanted to start a family with him.
Brock Hartly, my new boss, unknowingly saved me from my nightmare.
I’m the nanny he hired because he didn’t have better options at the time.
I’m not complaining – I love babysitting his adorable son.
I even love staring at his rock-hard abs and gorgeous smile, but that’s beside the point.
I promised myself I won’t be unprofessional.
That was before I fell into his bed.
And before I watched his business training video where he played a great dad.
The fantasy bells began ringing in my ears after watching the stupid thing.
Hot… baby daddy?
Had I lost my mind? A baby with a non-committal hot boss could only lead to one thing – heartbreak.
But all I wanted was a baby, and not love.. right?




It was just like in the movies, except I was in it. With the bright light over the table, the sterile gray walls, and the really considerate police officer, I could feel my life changing as I sat in the cold metal chair. Prescott looked a whole lot different from where I was sitting. I just wished that it was Officer Mahoney doing the questioning. I would have let that man put me in handcuffs any day.

But instead, I had Agent Henly. She was an older woman with a short-cut afro who looked more like a mom than a federal agent. She had very kind eyes, as though she knew I would have rather been literally anywhere else than called in for questioning in that room. Her disposition did calm my nerves though, I could give her that.

It was just difficult when she left the room to go get her coffee and I was left there to ruminate over what the hell I had been called into questioning for. I wasn't someone who went against the law. I was just a small-town girl who had dreams of having kids and living that American apple-pie life. You know, the one where your kids get to freak out when you have two glasses of wine because they're only used to you drinking water and seltzer. I had so many country music concerts left in me that I couldn't go to jail.

Agent Henly came back into the room and shut the door behind her gently. I wondered if closing the door like that was some sort of psychological trick to go along with her leaving to get coffee or something. You know, get my mind ruminating about things that it shouldn't have; lower my defenses. Because the only thing that the police had told me was that I was being called in for questioning. It left a lot to the imagination. And my imagination sucked ass sometimes.

"My apologies for how you were brought in here, Ms. Haines. They should have given you more information rather than using their strong-arm tactics," Henly said as she entered the room. She pulled her chair out and took a seat, opening the little flap on the lid of her coffee.

I watched the steam slowly rise from that hole and then said, “May I ask what this is about though?” I might have said may I as if I was over at the queen’s palace or something.

“Of course. We called you in today for your help. You’re not in trouble in any way and you’re free to go whenever you please. But this is about your boyfriend, Robert.”

“Ex-boyfriend. And I’m going to need more information than that.”

I finally felt like I had my power back in the situation because she had told me that I wasn't in trouble. I had no plans on leaving though. The second she mentioned Rob's name, I was intrigued like an interesting movie trailer had come on the screen in the theater. I needed to know what was going on with the man who had essentially dumped me.

"Ex-boyfriend, please forgive me there." Henly took a sip of her coffee, a long sip, and then set the hot cup down. “Right on the outskirts of Prescott, in a location that Ro probably told you was associated with his job in real estate, was where he had been running a drug ring."

The words entered my ears but they didn’t settle into my brain. Because what she had said sounded damn near impossible to me. Rob may have been a giant douchebag who needed to wear a white-collared shirt to Applebees, but the leader of a drug ring? No fuckin’ way. Not even if hell froze over. “I’m sorry, is this like one of those prank shows or something?”

Henly let out a little laugh and took another sip of her coffee. "This is real life unfortunately and Rob is in deep trouble. But not enough trouble if that makes sense. There's still plenty of charges that we're trying to get him on and piece together a stronger case so that he’ll go away for a long time."