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For centuries the labyrinth was disconnected from the world of men, containing within its walls the monster, Asterion. Though its corridors occasionally connected with the mortal world to feed, mostly it slept in between worlds as the ages of men passed. And with its slumber, though his hunger gnawed at him continuously, Asterion found some semblance of peace from his monstrous existence.
That was until the day the worlds shifted, and the labyrinth awoke once again, anchoring its entrance within the mortal world, drawing prey within to bloody its halls. Within its depths, its captive stirred and the minotaur, helpless against his hunger, hunted once again.
Since the Ravening, Vicky has led a life of a wanderer, moving from settlement-to-settlement trading salvage for hot food and shelter. In a land overrun by monsters and ever-changing forests, she has no one to depend on but herself for survival. That survival is tested in the depths of the labyrinth, where being human is nothing more than a death sentence. There she is the prey. Captured by a dangerous monster born from ancient myth, Vicky is forced to depend on someone other than herself as she is placed at the mercy of the minotaur’s hunger…and her own.

This fantasy romance has some dark themes and horror elements, including a brief erotic scene in which the labyrinth seeks to devour the heroine unaware. Blooded Labyrinth is a part of the Dangerous Monsters series, a spinoff within the Dark Spirits world.



Asterion was cursed by the gods. He didn’t need to be told to know this. His entire existence was unending carnage. Those who were lost in his labyrinth were sacrificed to his monstrous appetite. An appetite that ever hungered and could not be appeased. Nothing slaked the need that burned continuously within him. Nothing save for the love of a mother who flaunted the gods themselves to see him fed rather than wasting away in Minos’s prison, and a sister who comforted him whenever she came to spend a few hours in his company.

But his mother had joined the shades long ago and Ariadne, too, was no more, her lovely long limbs and sweet face nothing more than dust.

Although he knew his mother’s love for her monstrous son, he knew that his existence was traded for her complete obedience to Minos. His boyhood memories of her had long since faded. But not so of Ariadne. She was the only one who descended into his shadowy realm between worlds to pass time in his company. She had been the only light in his dark life. In her company, he could find rest.

Love was cruel to have taken her from him.

It was love that persuaded her to save the Athenian sentenced to feed Asterion. It was that love that betrayed him and nearly destroyed him if the gods had not been so cruel as to preserve his life. Locked away in solitude. The terrible cruelty that had been birthed with his enslavement to the labyrinth had not ended with the Kingdom of Minos. The heart of the labyrinth was beyond the boundaries of the mortal world, and so there he remained. Starving, raving, lost in madness until even that became background noise that he learned to ignore so that he could, for a time, find some small measure of peace.

In the gloom of his labyrinth, the shrines erected within the corridors that had once been painted with the blood of his victims were festooned with flowers that grew in the boundaries of his world, offered up with his prayers for relief from his cursed existence.

The end he begged for never came.

But then something changed.

The worlds shifted, and once again prey was finding its way into the dark stone corridors as the labyrinth found new routes to the world of the living. Humans once again stumbled into his world, one at a time or in pairs. He tried to resist the hunger every time, but it never ended.

He couldn’t stop the hunger.

Blood once again was running through the labyrinth, drawing ravenous spirits back to his abode to feast on the entrails of his kills and drink from the rivers of blood.

He was cursed by the gods.


Vicky was lost. Oh, fuck, was she ever. Her heart plummeted as she skimmed her dim surroundings. Nothing looked familiar. Worse, the deep shadows of the forest seemed to take on an alien life of their own. She stifled a startled yelp as something moved, a darker form slinking among those that surrounded her before disappearing once again.

Nearby, an animal let out a shriek that made the fine hair on her arms stand on end, the flesh pebbling with a chill of terror. She swallowed back the bile that rose up into her throat as she waited, listening intently. Her heartbeat thumped loudly in her ears, but otherwise an unnatural silence had settled once more around her, broken only by the soft whisper of leaves in the wind.