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Blackmailed in the Boudoir (Blackmail Fantasies #3)

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S.E. Law

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Ginny has always wanted to be beautiful. On impulse, the curvy girl decides to get boudoir photos taken in order to improve her self-esteem. But when she meets Corey and Castor, two handsome photographers, the photography session becomes more than just a simple encounter in front of the camera.

Corey and Castor have a studio that specializes in naughty photos of larger women. When they see Ginny’s snaps, they decide to enter the spicy photos into a photography contest, over her protests. The only way to get them to stop is to give them access to her curves, anytime of the day, any way they want. Will Ginny agree to this blackmail, especially after Corey and Castor put a baby in the curvy girl’s belly?
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Blackmail Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



I didn’t even want to come to this frat party. It’s loud and crowded, and the air smells like sweat and beer. This particular frat house has three stories and a backyard, but no air conditioning, which makes for a humid, stifling environment. I’m currently on the third floor, suffocating from the heat but trying to stay positive. Really, I’m just tired from studying for finals this week.

But it’s worth it to be here because I wouldn’t see my boyfriend otherwise. Xavier is really the only reason I do anything other than work on my art or hang with my best friend, Micky. I’m not a party type of person, but I’d do anything to make Xavier happy. Besides, at this party he’s practically a king. Frats love athlete superstars, and he’s one of the best soccer players at Beaumont College. So as Xavier’s girlfriend, that makes me royalty by association. Kind of.

Honestly, I was baffled when Xavier first showed interest in me because I’m not the athletic type at all. I barely even watch sports, let alone participate in them. But one day the soccer star walked up to me while I was studying in the library. It was almost as if he knew exactly who I was and what I had to offer.

Of course, I recognized Xavier because everyone knows who he is at tiny Beaumont College. My boyfriend is tall and athletic, not to mention incredibly handsome with thick chestnut hair and dreamy blue eyes. Okay, sometimes his eyes are a little too dreamy from all the pot he smokes, but most of the time, my boyfriend’s irresistible, and that first encounter at the library was no exception.

“Hey, how’s it hanging, beautiful?” he drawled. Xavier leaned over my table, glancing at the art history books and doodles I was currently working hard on. The boy sent shivers up my spine from being so close.

“Hi, er - just studying. Haha.”

I was at a loss for words. Xavier was so gorgeous that he seemed to be glistening. Is that even possible? I suppose so because he could have just come from practice. I noticed the muscles in his arms and they seemed to flex a bit as I watched.

“So Ginny, would you like to take a little break and grab a drink?” Miracle of miracles, somehow this boy knew my name! He smiled broadly at me and I couldn’t feel my face from nerves. Of course, I began to stammer like an idiot.

“I’m sorry, have we met before? Do we know each other?” I asked in a baffled voice before blushing again.

He merely shrugged confidently.

“No, we haven’t met before. But I know you because you’re one of the artists that helped paint the mural for the school last year. It’s my favorite.”

“Really?” I asked, my eyes lighting up. “I spent hours on the cobalt bird on the left side. You know, the one with the articulated crown and stylized tail feathers?”

Xavier looked puzzled for a moment, but then he smiled.

“Of course, the blue bird. Just like Tweety right? Tweet tweet tweet!” he sang.

I stared a little. Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes is yellow, not blue. But I smiled wanly.

“Sure, yeah. Tweet, tweet!”

Xavier merely grinned and shrugged cockily.

“Yeah. TWEET!” he honked in the library, causing other people to look up with annoyance. Ugh, I was embarrassed then, and I’m embarrassed remembering it now. But who am I to be picky? I’m a curvy girl whose assets are extra large, and this was the opportunity of a lifetime. I might never get a chance to date a hot athlete like Xavier again.

As a result, I put my books in my bag and stood, accepting his invitation for a drink. Those strong fingers closed around my palm, making me feel petite and special. We walked out of the library together like we had been a couple forever, and I could swear heads were turning as Xavier strode the halls confidently. By association, I felt special too, even if it sounds a bit pathetic.

Plus, the rest of the evening was like a fairytale come true. Xavier took me to McClennon’s, where all the athletes hang out with their girlfriends, and I could hardly even believe I was there. Was this really happening to me, Ginny Marmont? I often feel insecure because boys refer to me as a “butter face” or “consolation prize,” and the words hurt. They’re referring to my weight, and I want to scream that my curves are none of their business, but what can I do?

But that night, I tamped down on my insecurities and put a smile on my face. Xavier liked me, and wonder of wonders, we started dating immediately. Overall, it’s pretty great. He gets a lot of attention as a student athlete, and some of that rubs off on me. A lot of people know me now, even if I’m just a girlfriend.