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Blackmailed by Her Bully

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Sam Crescent

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Twelve years ago, something happened to Ava Marshall, and rather than hide it, she reported it. All this time, she’s believed the man responsible paid for his crime, but she is about to learn nothing is as it seems.
Logan Stanford had his whole life torn from him for an act he didn’t commit. Sent to the gutter, he has built his way back up, and now he’s more than a bully from Ava’s past. He’s the nightmare that is going to make her pay. He’s set to hurt and humiliate her in every possible way. There’s no escape for her.
But the truth will set her free, and when it does, Logan has to face the fact he has hurt the wrong person. Torn between his need to keep her and his guilt, Logan doesn’t know what to do. He’s a selfish bastard who is used to taking what he wants, but he has to let her go.
Only, Ava doesn’t want to be let go. She has spent too long living in the past, and it is time to move on and finally live her life.
Will Logan give her the chance, or will he push her away?
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Chapter One

Running was never in Ava Marshall’s book. But there was no way she could stay in Crow Valley, not if he was back. Why had he come back? She felt sick to her stomach as she rushed into her home. Her parents had left it to her in their will after an unfortunate accident.

With her hands shaking, she couldn’t get the key into the lock. Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths and started again. She had to focus, to be in control.

There was no way she could allow herself to make a mistake.

Once the key was in the lock, she turned it, clicking it open. Rushing inside, she slammed the door closed, throwing each bolt across the door before heading up to her bedroom. She’d never moved into the main bedroom. Her parents had been dead for five years, but she’d stuck to her old room.

She went straight to the closet, grabbed her suitcase, and started to fill it. How long had he been in town? She didn’t know when he got back, but if he was here again, then it wouldn’t be long before he followed. People were talking about him like he’d been a missed member of society.

Working at the library, she rarely got any updates from anyone, but then, no one really liked her.

She felt sick to her stomach just thinking about it.

With most of her clothes crammed into the suitcase, she closed it, using as much strength as she could. Next, she grabbed her passport, money, and any paperwork she’d need.

If he didn’t stay long, she could come back. She loved her family home, and even though Crow Valley had never accepted her, not after what she did, it was at least home.

With her bag and case in hand, she ran downstairs, nearly falling in her haste to get away. Holding onto the railing, she felt another wave of sickness, and she had no choice but to sit down. Letting go of her bag and case, she spread her thighs, putting her head between them and taking several deep breaths.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m going to be fine.” No matter how much she repeated the words, it seemed she was lost to the fear.

“I’m shocked at just how sexy he looks,” Martha, one of the stepmoms who attended the crafting class at the library, said. “I haven’t seen him in years, and do you know what I heard?”

“What?” Nancy asked.

“He’s loaded. Like, ridiculously wealthy. I’ve heard it’s not all legal either. He’s dangerous.”

“Please, if he does that, why did he come back here?”

“No one can pin anything on him. He’s like a crime lord. Or a drug one. I tell you, you should have seen those smoking hot eyes of his. He could do whatever he wanted to me,” Martha said with a sigh. “It would beat having to figure out sewing a damn Halloween costume.”

“Why did he have to leave again? It has been what? Twelve years?”

“About that. Logan Stanford and all of his buddies had to leave because of her.”

The moment she heard that name, Ava knew she was in trouble. No one had said that name to her in years, or the other name, but they didn’t need to say his name, for her to know he wouldn’t be far behind Logan. Tears filled her eyes, and she lifted up, breathing deeply.

“She’s the one who accused him of sexual assault.”

Instead of arguing with Martha and Nancy about what actually happened twelve years ago, she’d left the class. There was no point in teaching gossips. They came to class to bring more meaning to their lives, but all she ever heard from them was how boring it was being a stepmom and trying to make a family work.

The sickness passed, and she got to her feet and went straight to the kitchen. Logan and his friends were never supposed to return to Crow Valley. She was promised he’d stay far away from her. Opening the fridge, the ink she had on her arm caught her attention. Never Forget. Two words, in fancy writing, and in a border of red roses.

Dropping her arm, she covered the marks as a fresh wave of tears filled her eyes. She shook a little. But this was useless.

She’d be able to get food on the road. There was no point in waiting around. The longer she lingered, the more chance of him coming for her, increased. He’d promised her one day, he’d find a way to get to her. To make her pay. She’d stayed in town, determined to make a life for herself. He shouldn’t be back, but with Logan back, he would be arriving soon, she just knew it.

She should have been safe.

Grabbing her bag and case, she stepped out of her house, locking the door. She turned to see a man standing at the end of her garden. Her parents hadn’t been wealthy. They’d been able to buy this place outright after they got married. Both her mother and father had been city kids, but wanted to raise a family in a small town. Crow Valley being the small town, and well, there hadn’t been any more kids.