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Two similar paths colliding turns into one inevitable outcome…

As a state police corporal, Owen Decker is no stranger to working undercover. Now, as a member of the Tri-State Federal Drug Task Force, his latest assignment is to wear a prospect cut and infiltrate the Deadly Demons MC.

Unlike previous undercover assignments, this one is personal. After his sister’s fatal overdose, Decker was left to pick up the pieces and raise his young niece as his own.

However, he’s not the only one determined to help take down the meth traffickers.

Out of desperation, Sloane Parrish finds herself going head to head with the notorious MC when her drug-addicted sister, Sadie, gets tangled up with them. Despite being in over her head, Sloane’s still willing to risk everything—including her own safety—to save her baby sister before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, the Deadly Demons have no limits when it comes to protecting both their club and very profitable enterprise. So when the people Decker loves end up in the outlaw MC’s crosshairs, he regrets the day he volunteered for this assignment. But he vows not to be the only one, he’ll make sure they regret that day, too.

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Glossary of Terms

PLCB - Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

LEO - Liquor Enforcement Officer and/or Law Enforcement Officer (used for both)

PSP - Pennsylvania State Police

The Plant - A place away from stations/barracks/etc. for law enforcement/a task force to conduct clandestine criminal investigations.

Plant Manager - Person in charge of wiretapping/transcribing calls

Bid - Prison sentence/jail term

MC Chapter - The national club with a national exec committee (President, VP, etc.); Ex: Deadly Demons MC

MC Charter - Each charter is run independently, does not answer to a mother charter or a national chapter; Example: Blue Avengers MC

Sled - slang for motorcycle

A-Cert - Wire-tapping certification

TFO - Task Force Officer

UC/UCO - Undercover Agent/Officer

Printing - the outline of a concealed carry gun showing through either a shirt or garment that the person is wearing

AUSA - Assistant US Attorney

RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

CW - Cooperating Witness, unpaid

CI - Confidential Informant, some are paid

Stash vehicle - A place to store their supply of drugs for dealing.

Re-upping - To refill one's drug stash

Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine - Extends the exclusionary rule to make evidence inadmissible in court if it was derived from evidence that was illegally obtained

Probable cause (PC) - A legal requirement that reasonable grounds must be met before a police officer can make an arrest, conduct a search, seize property, or get a warrant.

Trap house - A residence used in the illegal drug trade. Drug houses shelter drug users and provide a place for drug dealers to supply them.

NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Character List

BAMC (Southwest Regional Charter):

Axel Jamison - President - Sergeant, Shadow Valley PD

Shane Fletcher (Fletch) - Vice President - Trooper, PA State Police

Antonio Alvarez (Rez) - Sergeant at Arms - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Aiden Cross - Secretary - Corporal, Southern Allegheny Regional PD, Nash’s (DAMC) husband

Mike Miller - Treasurer - Officer, Pittsburgh PD

Daniel Finnegan (Finn) - Road Captain - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Bradley Lennox (Nox) - Officer, Shadow Valley PD

Colin Crew - Senior Special Agent, DEA, Tri-State Task Force Leader

Owen Decker - Trooper, PA State Police

Danielle Montgomery (Monty) - Corrections Officer, SCI Greene

Timothy Frasier - Liquor Enforcement Officer, PA State Police

Roland North - Lieutenant, Pittsburgh PD

Other Tri-State Drug Task Force Members:

Luke Rodgers - DEA Special Agent

Luis Torres - DEA Special Agent

Ian Butler - Corporal, PA State Police

Ken Proctor - Officer, Uniontown PD

Carl Powers - Trooper, PA State Police

Sam Kruger - Corporal, Greensburg PD

Warren Reynolds - Corporal, PA State Police

Don Mullins - Narcotic Detective, Pittsburgh PD

Nova Wilder – FBI Special Agent, Organized Crime Division


Sloane Parrish - Legal assistant

Melina Jensen (Mel/MJ) - Manager at The Peach Pit

Valerie (Val) - Decker’s adopted daughter/niece

Viper - Deadly Demons president

Screw - Deadly Demons VP

Wolf – Deadly Demon in charge of the Uniontown chapter

T-Bone - Deadly Demons prospect

Rowdy - Undercover TFO from Group 1

Goose - Undercover TFO from Group 1

Sadie Parrish - Sloane’s sister

Amelia Decker - Decker’s late sister

Author’s Note

Dear readers,

This book starts approximately two months after the last chapter of Beyond the Badge: Finn (Blue Avengers MC, book 2) and a few months prior to that book’s epilogue.

“Family is family, whether by blood or by bond.”

~ Owen Decker

Chapter One

The rundown farmhouse would not be featured on the show Million Dollar Listing any time soon.

Or ever.

He originally thought the party would be held at the Deadly Demons MC’s church in Moundsville, West Virginia. While they were in West Virginia, he had no fucking clue where they were exactly.

It was safe to say he didn’t like that.

He also wasn’t thrilled with the fact he stood in the midst of a one-percenter MC trying to blend in.

But here he was.

To prepare, he had gone on a shopping spree at a thrift store to buy clothing to help him fit in. And to fit his weight gain.

He pressed a hand to his gut under his worn leather jacket.

Beer, pizza and cupcakes—the last baked by Axel Jamison’s wife—had done the trick. Every day he’d stand naked in front of the full-length mirror and watch the muscle definition he’d worked so hard to achieve slowly disappear.

He’d gone up a size in both his shirts and jeans. He only hoped when this assignment was over, the extra weight he packed on would disappear just as easily.

But he’d run out of time and the weight gain hadn’t been enough, so one afternoon a week ago, Crew walked into a task force meeting at The Plant and threw a fake, but realistic-looking, silicone belly in the middle of the conference table. The idea was fucking genius—though, he’d never tell Crew that—since it made him look like he sported a beer gut without actually having one.

However, he drew the line at fake tattoos. True bikers would be able to tell the difference between the lick-‘em-and-stick-‘em body art versus real tattoos done by an ink slinger. While he was dedicated to this job—and the task force—there was no damn way he’d volunteer to sit in a tattoo chair to get some random prison or biker tats for a temporary assignment.