Benjar (Seven Brides for Seven Alien Brothers #2) Read Online Honey Phillips

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A charming alien. An adventurous female. An unexpected snowstorm… and only one bed.

Benjar learned at an early age to use his wits to live and his charm to ease his path – and hide his secrets. Even the bond he forms with his military brothers doesn’t completely soothe his troubled soul.
Inspired by his commander’s recent acquisition of a human bride, Benjar decides to find a mate for himself – a calm, nurturing woman who will bring peace to his restless spirit. Instead, he’s irresistibly drawn to a pretty, impetuous female.
No one seems to realize that Ruby has grown up – neither her loving but overprotective older sister nor the men in their small town. But as anxious as she is to find love and adventure, being taken from her bed in the middle of the night by a huge, feline alien isn’t what she anticipated.
Neither of them is who they expect. But when they’re stranded together in an isolated cabin, they might just discover they’ve both found exactly what they need.

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“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Endark growled as the three males gathered in the barn. The snow that had been falling all day was already a foot deep outside.

“Of course I am,” Benjar said. He kept his voice confident, despite his own doubts about their plan. The chance to finally find a mate, even amongst the human settlers on the other side of the mountain, was too tempting to resist.

“I think you are both fools,” Drakkar drawled, shaking out his wings. The big, copper-skinned male wore his usual sardonic expression.

“Then why are you coming with us?” Endark asked, scowling.

Benjar could see his brother’s claws flexing, his lupine features sharpening. Without a mate to temper his more savage impulses, Endark was dangerously close to losing control over his inner beast - another factor that had driven him to propose the scheme.

As for himself, he simply wanted someone to call his own. Someone who would cook for him and care for him in the same loving way that Nelly, their former commander’s new bride, cared for Artek. It was the type of relationship he’d never had and always wanted.

“Because I’m sure that it will be entertaining.” Despite the mocking note in Drakkar’s voice, there was something on his face that made Benjar give him a curious look.

“And you don’t want a human bride for yourself? I know they are a different species, but look how well it’s worked out for the commander.”

A flash of what might have been longing appeared in Drakkar’s eyes, but it was gone so quickly that Benjar couldn’t be sure. His winged brother shook his head.

“We Arkani do not even take brides amongst our own species. We prefer to be alone.”

Benjar shivered. He hated being alone, despite the fact that he had spent most of his life that way. That was what had led him to remaining with the commander’s squad after he was “volunteered” into the Alliance forces. He hated the fighting, but he’d found a band of brothers and he would not abandon them once they had accepted him into their family.

“And I am interested to see if my experiment is successful,” Drakkar added.

Benjar gave him an alarmed look. “You promised us that your formula would not harm the females.”

“It will not.” Another winged shrug. “However, I am not sure how long they will remain unconscious.”

Benjar grinned and headed outside to the waiting sleigh, his tail lashing eagerly behind him. “That will make it so much more interesting.”

Endark growled under his breath as he came to join him, and the horses shied nervously. The big, docile animals were hybrids developed from a species native to the humans’ home planet. While they were usually placid, they knew that Endark was a predator. Right now, his predatory side was close enough to the surface to make the animals nervous.

“Just get in the sleigh,” Benjar told him as he went to their heads.

They had padded the wagon box on top of the runners with straw and blankets and the deep sides would help conceal Endark’s presence from the horses. Endark mumbled a protest but obeyed.

Benjar soothed the horses and as soon as they calmed, climbed up onto the narrow bench at the front. Drakkar was already there.

“You aren’t going to fly?” he asked.

“Why waste the energy?” Drakkar raised an eyebrow. “And besides, flying in snow is most uncomfortable.”

Benjar shook his head but picked up the reins. Drakkar still liked to play the part of the arrogant noble he had once been, even though they had all fought the same battles and shared the same meager rations. He’d seen how hard the other male had worked to save anyone who had fallen before the enemy, but Drakkar still used a cynical attitude to conceal his compassion.