Beneath (Tory’s School for the Troubled #3) Read Online Katie May

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Purgatory will try to break me…
But you can’t break a dead girl.

Revelation after revelation has left me wheeling. The truth about what we are—and what we need to do to escape—is almost too much for me to handle.
With only four circles left to complete, our group is more determined than ever to escape this hellhole we’ve found ourselves in.
But what if escape is only a fever dream?
What if there’s really no way to bring the dead back to life?
One thing’s for certain…
I’ll need to rely on my guys—the brooding Aiden, the arrogant Tanner, the compassionate Beau, the lovable Kace, and even the mysterious Heath—if we’re going to survive.
We’ve stumbled between life and death, managed to find our way beyond limbo, and now?
Now, we have to dig ourselves out from beneath the ground.
What other choice does this dead girl have?

This is the final book of a horror/bully reverse harem romance. It contains strong language and sexual situations, as well as MM themes. If you like your men a little broken and psychotic, your FMC a take-no-shit badass, and a plot that will leave you guessing until the very last page, then this is the book for you. Please see the introduction for a full list of triggers.




I’d never given much thought to what blood tasted like before, but as it filled my mouth, I couldn’t help but compare it to chomping down on a penny. Coppery. Metallic. Oily, even. That last one surprised me the most. Who would’ve expected blood to taste oily?

Agony rippled through my veins, setting every nerve ending alight, as more and more of that atrocious liquid filled my mouth. I was drowning in it.

Drowning in my own blood.

I didn’t know why the taste of blood was the first thing I focused on when my eyelids fluttered open and consciousness returned with a staggering intensity. Maybe because I was steadily losing my mind?

Correction—my mind had been lost long before this moment.

My fingers brushed against the top of the car as I hung suspended upside down, only my seat belt securing me to the leather chair. Blood coated my arms and hands from the hundreds of glass shards lodged into my skin, and as I stared at the cascading rivulets, I couldn’t help but think…

I know what that blood tastes like.

The thought was semi-hysterical and completely inappropriate, but it prodded at the edges of my subconscious as the pain reverberating through my body began to fade, replaced by something akin to numbness.

I was dying.

I knew that the same way I could tell you the sky was blue, the grass was green, and I had lost everyone I had ever loved. Where my heart once resided now consisted of nothing but an empty rib cage.

Pain and grief burned through me like ardent fire as tears trickled down my cheeks, mingling with the blood already present there. As one teardrop touched my lower lip and my tongue instinctively snaked out to lick it away, the salty taste combined with the coppery one in my mouth.

It wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

The vehicle creaked ominously where it balanced against a protruding rock at the bottom of the ravine. I half wondered if the car would fall even farther down until it crashed into the swirling rapids below. Now, though, it remained on the rocky bank, just out of sight of the highway high above. With the sky as dark as pitch and not a single star or moon to be seen, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to spot me down here unless they were explicitly searching for me.

Not that anyone would.

Nobody cared about me in this world. I had lost everyone who ever did, and those in my life who remained…

I swore they acted as if I was already buried six feet beneath the ground. A pretty corpse, dead long before she was shoved into her coffin.

I couldn’t help but think that it was fitting for me to die in the exact same car that had starred in so many of my nightmares.

“Little sis, get in the car.”

“Little sister, don’t be afraid.”

The red Mustang I had stolen in my drunken rage was as destroyed as I was, something I took perverse pleasure in.

My chest constricted as a deep ache built there, even as peals of twinkling laughter escaped me. The noise was deranged and slightly hysterical, but it filled the crushed car like a death toll ringing to signal the beginning of a funeral. Or…the end of one.

Black dots began to dance across my vision, so I squeezed my eyelids shut, waiting for death to claim me.

Desperate for it, actually.

And then a smooth voice broke through the agony like a pebble tossed into a once tranquil pool of water. Tiny ripples skittered across the surface, disrupting the serenity and peace that should be found in death.