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One little lie when she was sixteen landed him in jail. Now five years later he's free and there's only one thing on his mind. Vengeance.
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I watched undetected from my window as she passed by. It was my first real sight of her other than from behind a computer screen in five years. Five long fucked up years filled with nothing but plotting and planning for what I was now about to unleash on her ass. I resented the flash of lust in my gut at the sight of that very perfect ass and killed that shit quick. I’d rather fuck a two-headed snake.

“No fucking way Todd.” My eyes followed the brunette with the tight ass and barely there tits. She had grown into a real beauty but I always knew she would; everyone did. There was something missing though, she no longer had that air of arrogance about her. There was a new slump to her shoulders that hadn’t been there before and that little niggle of ‘there’s something I’m not getting’ brushed up against my psyche again. I pushed it aside. I ain’t got time for that shit.

I watched until she disappeared from view down the sidewalk and up the steps to the house next to mine. Only then did I feel the tension leave my limbs and the rage abate; not by much, just enough to bring me back to rationality again.

I took a sip of my whiskey and lime as I contemplated my next move and calmed myself. My pulse raced with anticipation of what I had in store for little Mallory Ashton. Deceitful witch!

It had taken five years but before the week was over I would’ve done what I came here to do, nothing will stop me. Then hopefully I could go on with the rest of my life, putting her and her lies behind me where they belonged.

I had to shake my head to clear it of the images forming there. It was always my go-to to imagine breaking her fucking lying neck, but years in the corps had taught me better manners. Put hands on no woman, no matter how black her heart may be. Unless of course you’re in a war, then dick or slit you’re fucked.

This was a battle of a different kind however, one that I hadn’t even known I was in until it was too late. Our story is a strange one to be sure and had I not lived it myself would’ve found it a bit abstract. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

When she was sixteen and I twenty-seven, she came onto me. Of course I rebuffed her, she was a kid for fuck sake. As hot as she was, as much as the young bucks in the old neighborhood were hot for her, I knew better than to go there.

So that night after I told her thanks but no thanks I thought that would be the end of it, but I’d underestimated the venom of a woman scorned. Add the fact that she was obviously fucked in the head and I didn’t stand a chance.

She started some little rumor among her girlfriends that got back to the wrong ears and put my nuts in a sling.

Long story short, I went away for five years. It wasn’t because they could prove that I’d fucked her, which I hadn’t. But because when the cops showed up I was toking on a joint. Go figure, one year later they legalized the shit.

She sent me a letter apologizing. Explaining that it was all just a joke that got out of hand. I held onto that letter. It was the only thing that kept me going. I read that shit almost everyday in the beginning. Before I started planning. I guess you can say I’m not the most forgiving fucker out there.

I’d joined the marines straight out of high school and spent the next nine years serving my country, only to come home to nothing. The little town where I grew up had been hit hard by the recession, the only factory in the county had closed down and headed south of the border, and drugs were on everybody’s menu.

A lot of those addicts were ex military, most of who had been fucked by the government. Most of them needed professional help to deal with the shit they’d seen in the war, but instead they were left out in the cold. Drugs were the only way some of them knew to keep the nightmares away. A fucking shame!

I’d been in the process of going into business with a cousin who wanted to open a bike shop, something we’d dreamed of since childhood, when Mallory fucked me over. I was one of the lucky few that came back intact.

I knew what I was going into, unlike a lot of my friends who joined up, because my dad had told me the truth about war. None of that romanticized bullshit that most people spout. People fucking die! Some of them right in front of you. Some of them are blown to fuck with their body parts landing on and around you and you have to move the fuck on even though you’d just been having a conversation with this human being that was no more. That shit will fuck with anybody’s head.