Bearly Spicy (Honey Pot Hollow #3) Read Online Loni Ree

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Clay Bearly When Bethany Sweet walks into my life, I lose my heart followed closely by my mind. To my inner bear’s horror, my mouth runs away without consulting my brain and I end up insulting my mate. It’s going to take a lot of begging for me to make this up to my curvy little mate but I’ll do whatever it takes to win her forgiveness and her heart. For starters, I’m going to take my inner bear’s advice and play on my strengths. As the shy, nerdy Bearly brother, I’ve always been much more comfortable with technology than people, so I’m going to use an unconventional method of wooing my mate. Text messages. Cora Sweet I’m so shocked when Clay Bearly refuses to shake my hand that my mind goes blank and I totally miss the opportunity to nail the middle Bearly brother to the wall for daring to insult me in my brand new bakery. The shocks don’t stop there. Within a few days, I’m getting sweet messages from the grouchy bear shifter that are impossible to ignore. Before I’m able to stop myself, I start to fall head over heels for Clay but I’m not going to roll over and let him walk all over me. Oh no. Clay Bearly has his work cut out for him if he wants to win my forgiveness. If you like over-the-top, growly bear shifter, curvy girl instalove with a ton of humor, and tiny amount of drama this short story is perfect for you. The grumpy, lonely bear shifters of Honey Pot Hollow are in for a surprise when a new human-owned bakery opens in the shifter-only town. The feisty human baker and her sisters aren't going to let the surly brothers ruin their sunny attitudes. The Sweet Sisters are going to use their considerable charms to bring Bearly Boys to their knees.

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I see my older brother’s name flash across my screen and shake my head as I answer. “Hello, asshole. Finally decided to stop ignoring my messages and call back?” After Thorne found his mate, he started treating me and our other brother like we have the goddamn plague.

When I received a text from my mother a few minutes ago, letting me know Papa Bear is down with a cold and she needs me to take care of Angel Baby, Thorne’s spoiled Chihuahua, I knew the asshole would be calling.

“I wanted to ignore your ass for at least another week, but I actually need a favor,” he admits. Oh, this is going to be good. In my mind, I imagine the dickhead tucking his tail between his legs. Today is the opening day for the bakery Thorne’s mate owns with her sisters.

The town grapevine has been buzzing with the news that the Sweet sisters used the inheritance their uncle left them to buy the old, abandoned building on Main Street.

Three new human women moving to a mainly bear shifter town went over like a lead balloon with the town’s bear shifter residents. Most of the ornery assholes in town ignored the newcomers, but Mama Bear stepped in to welcome them with open arms.

Thorne’s business, Bearly Construction, is the busiest contracting company in the area. When the spoiled rotten momma’s boy needed help keeping everything under control, my oldest brother lost his goddamn mind and hired our mother as his secretary. I’m not going to lie; it does my heart good to see her give him hell on a daily basis.

Momma Bear met Mabel a few weeks ago at Growler’s Market, the local grocery store, and volunteered Thorne’s company to help the three sisters get their bakery, Honey Buns, ready to open. Surprise of surprises, Thorne found his mate—the oldest Sweet sister, Mabel Sweet, his first day on the job.

Now, his new mating is going to be a pain in my ass. “What can I do for you, older brother?”

“I need you to babysit Angel Baby today.” Since I work from home every Friday and Monday, I don’t have an excuse to refuse him. As the quiet, nerdy brother, I’ve always felt more comfortable with computers. After college, I opened an IT consulting firm. I also do a little website design and maintenance on the side, which pays well and keeps me busy. Since I fucking adore the little dog more than I love to give my brother hell, I’ll gladly babysit Angel Baby. “Papa Bear is sick, and Momma Bear is trying to keep him from tearing shit up,” Thorne explains unnecessarily. Sick male bears are notoriously bad patients, and Papa Bear is one of the worst patients in history. A few years ago, he had stomach flu and destroyed Mama Bear’s entire backyard flower bed. Of course, it was me, Thorne, and our youngest brother, Wilder, who ended up fixing that mess.

“Why can’t your little shit stay home?” I’ve already decided to keep my canine nephew, but I still need to make my brother work for it.

“Since you’re one of the assholes who spoiled him rotten, you should already know the answer to your question. Weren’t you the one who put the baby crib in my bedroom for the little shit to sleep in?” Oh, yeah. That was fucking me. When Momma Bear started worrying about Thorne rolling over on the tiny Chihuahua and crushing him, I did my brotherly duty and volunteered to get the spoiled dog a human baby bed. My bad.

“I got Mamma Bear’s famous salmon souffle out of it. Plus, I got to irritate the fuck out of you, so it was a win-win for me, and my plan worked brilliantly. The little shit is good and spoiled, and you’re good and fucked,” I remind Thorne. “Bring my nephew by and I’ll make sure he’s reminded why he loves his Uncle Clay best.”

“If I had any other choice, I would tell you to suck my dick.” My bear wakes up and laughs at the distress in my brother’s voice.

“I know you’re desperate for love, big brother, but we aren’t that kind of family. And I heard a rumor through the grapevine that you’ve found a sweet little morsel to take care of your needs.” Fuck. I wince as jealousy cuts through me. I had no idea how much I wanted a mate of my own until Thorne found his mate. “Wilder and I are betting on how long it takes for you to clobber some poor fuck when he gets too close to your mate today.” We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bet on his grouchy ass.

“What are you dumbasses wagering?”

“The loser has to wear a pink and white polka dot bikini all day long and wash the winner’s vehicles. Of course, the winner gets to take pictures. Do you want to join in on the bet?” My bear’s ears perk up at the thought of seeing my older brother prancing around in a bikini top.