Babysitter of Sin (Forbidden Fantasies #69) Read Online S.E. Law

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I started out as his babysitter, but soon the alpha male wanted to put his baby in me!

Tracy: I went through a really bad break-up and it was incredibly painful. As a result, I went a little crazy. I slept with a series of men to purge my ex from my system, and it worked … except now I’m pregnant, and I don’t know who the father is!
Rick: It doesn’t bother me that Tracy went through a slutty phase. If anything, I appreciate the fact that my beautiful babysitter’s in touch with her deepest needs because it makes for a filthy time in the sack. It’s convenient too because her pregnancy means we can go at it hot and raw, without worrying about pesky things like protection.
But then, a strange woman lands on my doorstep, claiming that SHE’s the one pregnant with my baby.
What the hell? I’ve never even seen this chick before, I swear!
But Tracy forces me to confront the truth about my louche past … yet will I lose the curvy girl in the process?

This is a follow-up to Pregnant and Sinful. In this story, we meet Tracy, who was a mom-to-be with a bad attitude and glorious approach to love and s$x that made us envious. Even better, she meets a man who accepts her as she is, except Rick’s sitting on a ticking time bomb. Will our hero and heroine work through their troubles? Or is their love doomed, despite their intense connection? Read to find out because there’s a surprise twist that will have your jaw on the floor (and your panties soaking wet) by the end! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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“Good night, Tracy,” Amelia says in a lisp while wrapping her little arms around my neck. “See you in the morning.”

I give her cheek a small kiss.

“I won’t be here in the morning because I’m your babysitter, remember? But your Daddy will be on hand, and I’ll see you next week, okay? Friday night, just as usual.”

Amelia nods, pulling her Frozen comforter up to her chin while smiling sweetly.

“Oh yes, I forgot. Love you, Tracy. See you next week.”

I smile, my heart melting, while switching off the light on her desk.

“Good night, baby girl. I love you too.”

With that, I tiptoe out of the room, making sure to shut the door most of the way, but not all the way. Amelia likes to sleep in darkness, but the little girl gets freaked out if it’s too dark. She prefers that the lamp from the hallway shine in just a bit, and as a result, I’ve learned to leave her bedroom door open a crack after tucking her in.

But instead of walking away immediately, I pause for a moment outside my tiny charge’s door. There’s no sound, and within minutes, I can hear Amelia breathing deeply and evenly. Oh good. The little darling must be tuckered out from playing Kids Monopoly, Uno, as well as that new board game, Swords for Words, which involves using metaphors, similes, and good old-fashioned rhymes too. I didn’t know games for six year olds were so advanced these days, but who knows? I’m neither a game designer nor the game police.

Finally satisfied that Amelia’s resting, I let out a deep breath and place both hands on my burgeoning tummy. Will it be like this after I give birth to my own child? Will I feel a tug at my heart every time he or she smiles? Will it feel like there’s a piece of me walking around on his or her own two feet, vulnerable and yet hopeful at once?

I think so because I’m the maternal type, although you wouldn’t know it from my past behavior. I dote on children, even if I’ve led quite the scandalous life recently. But hey, women can have many facets to their personalities and just because I don’t know who the father of my baby is doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a bad mom. Instead, I just see it as another side to who I am – and in this case, my actions have ensured that I’m going to be a single parent soon.

After all, my break-up with Neil was bad, and I admit that I wasn’t exactly classy about the whole thing. Neil and I dated seven years, and I was totally prepared for a ring, a big white wedding, and a house with a white picket fence, not to mention a couple of rug rats and maybe some dogs and cats thrown in.

But Neil sat me down one evening with a long look on his face. He gave me all the usual excuses: it wasn’t me, it was him; I was gold and he was the one who was dross; we had been growing apart for a long time and just hadn’t noticed the gradual drift. But something sounded off to me, and when I forced the issue, he admitted he’d fallen in love with his co-worker Nicola. The air evaporated from my lungs, and suddenly, I couldn’t breathe because I’ve met Nicola many times. Heck, she and I have even hung out before, and had a good time too. She’s one of those women who’s pretty, but not overly-pretty, and who has a good sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders too. I easily saw her as a friendly acquaintance, even if we weren’t quite friends yet.

But it turns out that Neil saw Nicola as more than that, and it seems he wanted to break things off with me in order to take up with her. Even worse, when I asked how long the relationship had been going on, he stammered and turned red without really giving me an answer. That’s when I knew that he and Nicola had likely been having an affair for a while. So every time I had coffee with that bitch, she was probably sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back.

Well, the shit hit the fan after that. I did everything that scorned women do. I threw Neil’s belongings out onto the lawn before setting them on fire. I told all of my ex’s friends what a two-faced shithead he was (although, I suspect most of them already knew about his cheating). I even drove by Nicola’s apartment a few times to see if Neil’s car was parked in the driveway with thoughts to slash his tires and maybe key his vehicle (thankfully, it didn’t happen). Okay, so I went a little crazy, but I also felt justified about it. I mean, what the hell? Seven years down the drain just like that.