Bad Medicine (Castoff Empire #3) Read Online Dove Cavanaugh King

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Secrets were never good.
I knew that.
But I had spent so long protecting mine
I didn’t even remember what a life without lies felt like.
But this man?
He made me want to spill my soul at his feet
Just to watch him play with the pieces.
But every secret has a price
And when mine comes due
The cost may be more than I could ever hope to pay.
She shot me down.
It’s not like it had never happened before.
I mean, it was rare, but it had happened.
But this woman?
Man, there was something about her that I just couldn’t shake.
It was starting to look like I really didn’t want to.
But when the truth came out
And I finally saw the whole picture
I knew I’d do whatever it took to keep her.
To keep them both.




Something didn’t feel right.

I had been asleep—dozing fitfully, but asleep nonetheless—when I felt a sudden chill creeping down my spine. Rolling over, I noticed the bed beside me was empty, the sheets already cold.

Maybe that was what had woken me?

These last few years had taught me to get sleep when I could, and I had mastered the art of snatching a few minutes of rest in the oddest times and places.

And this place was certainly odd.

It wasn’t the first time I had woken up in a guy’s bedroom. Not that I made a habit of it, really, but college was like a whole other universe sometimes.

Med school was even more so.

Between all the stress of studying, exams, placements, labs, and tuition, was it really any wonder people like me chose to have the occasional night of meaningless sex to take their mind off of things? Add to that my recent bout with strep throat, and I was desperate for something that didn’t equate to work and survival.

Just a few hours—if I was lucky—where I could turn off my brain and just exist on feelings. Where I could reduce myself to my absolute base instincts and dedicate all my energy to the pursuit of pleasure.

Sex was wonderful, and I tried to maintain a regular rotation of ‘friends with benefits’ partners to keep orgasms up and my stress level down.

But Greg...he was new.

Sitting up in bed, I looked around the room, my brain throwing flashes of last night back at me with incredible clarity; us, barreling into the room, already tearing at each other’s clothes. My ass on the desk, one leg thrown up over Greg’s shoulder as he pounded into me, his face tight with concentration and the pursuit of both his pleasure and mine.

And finally, Greg, flat on his back, one arm thrown over his eyes, his body relaxed in sleep.

I had watched him then, his chest rising and falling, his presence no less engaging even when he wasn’t conscious.

And what a presence it was. Greg carried himself in a way that let you know he wasn’t afraid of anything. He entered every room like he owned it and he didn’t care who knew it.

I found him absolutely fascinating, even if I’d never say it out loud.

Darting to the attached bathroom, I took care of business, freshened up as much as I could, and then snatched a shirt off the floor and headed out of the bedroom in search of the man who currently held all my attention.

It was still dark, proving once again that I hadn’t really slept all that long, but I could hear voices coming from the kitchen, so that was the direction I headed. I was looking forward to a glass of water and a maybe a midnight snack before I headed home, but I paused halfway down the stairs when what had been the sound of quiet conversation suddenly changed in tone, becoming harsh words and angry whispers.

“You know why you’re here, right?” Greg’s voice was, as usual, cool and unaffected.

The reply he got was muffled, the person sounding panicked, and I crept the rest of the way down the stairs, my curiosity outweighing my manners.

Pressing myself against the wall, I inched my head forward until I could see, finding Greg and Ivan, a guy I used to see him around campus with frequently but had never spoken to myself. They were standing side by side in the kitchen, looking down at a man who was bound and gagged, his face red with terror and his eyes wide.

What the hell was going on?

I was about to burst into the kitchen, demanding that they release the poor man on his knees, when Greg spoke again.

“I’ve been hearing some distressing things, James. Things that make me wonder what the fuck you were thinking.” Reaching out, he grabbed James’ hair, wrenching his head back, and my stomach clenched, remembering the way he had held me the exact same way last night, when I was on my knees.

The memory gave me chills.

Greg released his head, stepping back and crossing his arms.