Auctioned to the Alien Beast (Highest Bidder) Read Online Michele Mills

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I’m half-naked under bright lights at the Auction House because I need money to save my mother’s life. There’s no other way.
Tonight, my virginity is for sale. Mysterious, wealthy men sit in the darkened audience. A deep, raspy voice continues to up the bidding for me, and I find myself secretly hoping he’s the one.
The lights go up. I turn, seeking out the man who won. And a huge male marches forward and takes my hand, ready to immediately perform marriage vows. And he’s…he’s…not human. Flashing red eyes, dark gray skin and…tusks. I blink and look around. Is this a joke?
My fists beat against his hairy chest. He grins, picks me up and tosses me over his massive shoulder.
And stomps off into the night.




The other girls in the lineup at the auction house are gorgeous. Like fantastical nymphs caught by heroes of old. I don’t even feel worthy standing next to them and their dangerous curves.

And they’re all so kind and supportive of each other. It’s a nice group.

I shift on my heels and take a deep breath, readying myself to step out past the curtain and into the spotlight. The theme for tonight’s auction is “Scantily Clad Virgins.” All of us are barely dressed in strategic, incredibly expensive scraps of fabric that highlight attributes more than they cover. The auction house staff chat and laugh with my cohort of fellow “virgins,” all of whom are happy to be here.

I’m the nerdy oddball.

Probably the only one not fully enjoying this marvelous opportunity where each of us gets a million dollars for one night’s work.

I really should be happier.

Tonight’s event is being held under a big, luxurious tent. Limousines, sports cars and other luxury vehicles park outside. There’s even a makeshift runway for private jets and a clearing for helicopters. It’s nuts. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Music thumps while clients, security and wait staff mill about under the tent, giving this a party atmosphere. The clients are wealthy men, shifters and even aliens? I was assured that there’s never really been an alien in attendance, but they keep that option open, just in case. Whew.

The exclusive, super-seekrit auction house is run by a hard-nosed businesswoman named Coco St. James, and is never in one location, it always moves. Tonight, it happens to be placed in the countryside only forty minutes outside of town. And it’s all so secret. Tomorrow morning everything will gone, as if none of this ever happened.

A silky-haired girl I’ve befriended tonight named Win Lee looks up at me with sparkling black eyes. “Isn’t this fun?” she squeals. “Can you believe we’re about to go on? This is really happening.”

I shake my head and wrinkle my nose. “What if I walk on stage and no one bids for me? That would be embarrassing.”

She lets out a tinkling laugh. “Oh, that would never happen to you.”

“Girls, get ready,” St. James barks out. “The clients are taking their seats. The auction is about to start. Line up for final inspection.”

I try to tamp down my nerves and move forward.

There are twelve of us tonight.

I heard about this “virgin auction” from a friend of a friend in college. It’s supposed to be a place where a girl can get a huge sum of money, quick. Which is exactly what I need. My mother suffers from a degenerative disease that’s cutting her life short. Her health plan won’t cover her life-saving surgery because they’ve deemed it “experimental,” which is total bullshit. The only way to get her the treatment she needs is to pay for it out of pocket and it’s freaking expensive.

Mom took out a second mortgage and maxed out all her credit cards, and it’s still not enough. I dropped out of university this semester to work two part-time jobs. Between the loans, the jobs and an online funding page, we managed to raise enough money. Everything was set and the surgery booked at a state-of-the-art German hospital, but Mom’s surgeon switched hospitals and now the new location is twice as expensive. In order to keep the original date for the surgery, which my mother cannot miss, I have to give an additional deposit by the end of this week, or we lose the date and we won’t be able to reschedule for another year.

Well shit. Mom is fine right now, but if she doesn’t get this surgery soon her doctor says she’ll lose her window of opportunity and become too far gone for recovery. She’s at home, perfectly comfortable and stable with her part-time home care nurse, my little sister and my aunt. There’s a team of us, but they’re all counting on me. My aunt lives with us because she can’t work. My sister is only in high school. We have no other family or resources.