Allie’s Enforcer (Silver Spoon Falls Falcons #1) Read Online Loni Ree

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Silver Spoon Falls is getting a professional hockey team and these hunky athletes are about to play the most important game of all. The game of love! The sassy, curvy ladies of Silver Spoon Falls are going to bring them to their knees.

Come along with Loni Ree and Nichole Rose as we build our own little world-the Silver Spoon Falls Universe where forever means exactly that.

We hope you'll join us as we introduce you guys to even more of the men and women who call Silver Spoon Falls home in the Silver Spoon Falls series, the Silver Spoon Underworld series and the Silver Spoon Falls Falcons series.

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“It’s another crazy online order,” I grumble, and Scarlett shakes her head.

“Oooh. What dirty book did Mr. Lindman order this time?” She snorts. The retired fireman has a very eclectic taste in books. The first time we received an order for unusual erotic fiction, I made my brother, Fischer, accompany me to drop off the online order. We figured out that Gatsby Books’ new customer wasn’t dangerous or crazy. He just has unique taste in books.

“We have a new customer with a wild taste in books.” Miles Tempest hasn’t ordered from us before. “And since it’s online, I get to deal with him.” Scarlett should sympathize. The first time she met her husband, Finn, she dropped a tentacle porn book at his feet. In fact, she dropped the exact tentacle porn book that our new customer just ordered.

She glances over my shoulder at the computer screen and laughs. “The book was good luck for me. Maybe it will bring your soulmate to you, too.” I roll my eyes as she rubs her hands together. All my happily married friends are dying to match me up with someone, but I’m perfectly happy with my life. I’m a partner in my dream business, and I have great friends. I don’t need a man to complete me.

“I’m not holding my breath. I just want to get this delivery done so I can have a quiet night at home.”

My friend and business partner sits on the edge of my desk. “Seriously, if you’re worried about it, I’ll have Finn go with you to deliver it.”

“I’ll be fine,” I reassure her. Since most of the residents in Silver Spoon Falls are millionaires, I seriously doubt I’m in any danger. In order to compete with online booksellers, we decided to offer same-day deliveries. We usually only have a few orders each week, and it’s been a nightmare to keep delivery drivers on staff with the inconsistent sales, so I volunteered to make the deliveries on my way home from work. “I’ll take my pepper spray with me, just in case, but it’s probably some bored housewife who didn’t want to use her own name.”

“I’ll have Finn on standby, anyway.”

“I appreciate it. I’ll text you if my Spidey senses go off.”

I spend the rest of the afternoon finishing up our monthly book order, and then I head to the stockroom to unpack the latest delivery from our supplier in Houston.

“I’m done for the day. I’ll be stopping by Maddie’s on the way home.” Scarlett sticks her head in my office door. “Do you want me to drop off her laptop while I’m there?”

“Yes.” I almost jump up and kiss Scarlett.

Maddie, my best friend and sister-in-law, was in such a hurry to head home yesterday that she totally forgot to pack up her laptop. She mostly works from home doing our administrative tasks and needs the computer if we’re going to submit our monthly book order before the midnight deadline. “You’re saving my rear end.” And allowing me to make one less stop on the way home. There’s a glass of wine and a garden tub full of hot bubbles calling my name, and I can’t wait to get there.

I pull up in front of the massive two-story plantation-style home and look down at my GPS to confirm I’m at the right place. Yep. The map bitch brought me to the right place. Oh, man. Miles Tempest might have crazy taste in books, but from the looks of this place, he’s loaded. Like seriously rich.

After parking in the circle driveway, I reach for the black bag and take a deep breath before hopping out of my tiny electric car. “Get this over with so you can go home and drink wine,” I mutter to myself, attempting to find the motivation to walk up the fancy brick walkway to the front door.

The smell of honeysuckle hits my nose as I walk along the path with stunning landscaping on each side. Okay. Here goes nothing. I think as my finger presses the black button next to the door.

“I’m fucking coming,” I yell at whoever is ringing my goddamn doorbell. “Give me a second.”

I drop the paintbrush, which I’ve been using to paint the dining room, into the sink and turn on the water, trying to rinse some of the white paint off my hands. Once I’m sure I won’t leave a paint trail through my brand-new house, I rush for the front door. Five goddamn feet from the door, I trip over a box and stub my toe. “Son-of-a-bitch!” And a whole string of cuss words that would make a sailor blush fall from my lips.

I grab the doorknob and pull it open, ready to blast whoever in the fuck decided to drop by unexpectedly. My words die on my tongue while my fucking cock turns to stone. Holy shit on a cracker. My unexpected visitor is fucking spectacular. It’s like the universe decided to drop the perfect little morsel right on my doorstep.