A Wicked Song for a Roguish Viscount Read Online Emily Honeyfield

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Adelaide Midgley’s life has not been an easy one. Though born into privilege, her father fell into ruin, leaving her to grow up practically destitute and, so, becoming a singer was her family’s only hope for a better future. Yet, when she is approached by a captivating Viscount who has a tempting proposal, will her distrust be enough to keep her from succumbing to his sinful seduction?
If she only knew that his family ruined hers…
Desperate to win a bet against his high society rival, the Viscount Hayling, comes up with a mischievous plan. When he sees an enchanting opera singer performing at a dinner party, he convinces her to help him by making her an offer she cannot refuse. If she agrees, Thomas will pay off her father’s debts. Yet, he has no idea that the talented Adelaide has any connection to his father…
What will happen when what seemed a harmless deal turns into the most scandalous adventure of all?
The more Adelaide and Thomas try to avoid each other, the more they find themselves bound to a sinful affair more powerful than they could have ever imagined. However, the undeniable attraction between them complicates things even further, especially since the prize Thomas is after, is the hand of another lady. Can Adelaide forgive what has happened, and help him undo the wrongs committed by his family? After all, when secrets are divulged, can their burning romance survive?

“A Wicked Song for a Roguish Viscount” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Chapter 1

Her heart was beating so fast, she thought it might work its way right out of her chest. She was nervous, but terribly excited at the same time. This was the moment she had been preparing for. It had taken so long and been so much work, but now it was all going to pay off.

Miss Adelaide Midgley took a deep breath and smiled as she gazed out over the small group gathered before her. They hardly paid her any attention, but she did not let that deter her. She was unknown to them, after all, but very soon they would hardly be able to forget her name.

As she waited for her cue to begin, however, she grew self-conscious. The ladies among the group all looked lovely in their evening gowns with their lace trimmings, satin elbow-length gloves, and sparkling jewelry. Diamonds, pearls, precious stones… a fortune hung around the necks of her audience, yet Adelaide knew none of them gave it any thought. It was just the normal way of things for them.

In contrast, Adelaide wore no diamonds, pearls, or precious stones. Whatever jewelry she had on was made of glass. Costume, to have the appearance of the real thing from far away. Though she was wearing her best dress, it was still patched in places and fraying at others.

She had practiced standing just so at home to hide the worn spots as best she could. It had not been so long ago that she would have been dressed as well as the ladies before her, but she could not allow herself to dwell on her misfortunes. If all went well that night, she might find herself dressed in such finery again very soon.

“Are you ready?”

Startled, Adelaide turned to find one of the musicians she would be playing with looking up at her with a quirked brow. He had a guitar clutched in his hands, his fingers poised and ready to begin strumming. In addition to the guitarist, there was a flutist, a violinist, and a fourth man with a little drum. Not the full orchestra of her dreams, but a good enough group for the private dinner party they had all been hired to perform for.

Baron Henkley, she had heard, was not a particularly great lover of music, but he was a lover of showing off his wealth to those of higher rank in society than he. Having musicians and a young and pretty opera singer was just one more way for him to do so.

Holding the guitarist’s gaze, Adelaide nodded. “Yes, I am ready.”

The man jerked his chin to the others standing with them and tapped out the beat on his instrument before he began to play. Adelaide turned her gaze back to their audience, most of whom were not paying attention to them. That was fine. Once she started singing, all eyes would be on her.

Opening her mouth, she pushed the first note from deep within her… and it was wrong.

Mortification instantly flooded through her. She flinched, but she did not stop. She continued singing, hitting the next note perfectly, and the next and the next. Still, she had caught the attention of several of the guests, though not in the way she had hoped to. They regarded her with looks of distaste, but as she continued to sing, their expressions slowly started to change.