A Vow Kept (The Wall Men Series #3) Read Online Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes the third book of the Wall Men Trilogy, a suspenseful Dark Fantasy filled with monsters, vampires, giants, and love.


I never asked for any of this. Not to be taken to a strange, violent land. Not to be married off to a giant or get stuck between warring kingdoms filled with ravenous monsters.

Nor did I ask to be turned into a vampire and placed on the throne. Ruler of them all. This is crazy!

But now that I see what these creatures have in store for my world, I have to step up, even if it terrifies me. Because no one is coming to save my little town back home or the rest of the world I love despite its flaws. I’m the cavalry.

Lucky me, I have a plan. Unlucky me, I just discovered that my fifty-foot-tall warlord husband might be the key to carrying it out.

If only I could trust him. But I can’t.

And if only I weren’t in love with the ghost of his dead brother. But I am.

And if only I knew how this is going to end. I don’t.

But today, I fight. Today, I risk it all for what I love.

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“Lake, you have been our ruler for over a week now. We must summon the citizens of Monsterland for your inaugural address,” says a deep voice I know well, better than I like to admit.

“Fuck off, Gabrio,” I mutter, not bothering to pull my mouth away from the giant who’s donating his rich syrupy blood. It tastes delicious—like warm hot chocolate on a cold day—but nothing, not even this, has managed to sate my hunger since I was turned into a vampire seven days ago.

It doesn’t even bother me that while all the other vampires are inside sleeping, I’m out here in the courtyard in the middle of the day, with nothing more than a flimsy tarp to shield me from the red sun. All I want is blood.

Without even looking, I know Gabrio’s emerald-green eyes are narrowed into tight little slits, and he’s glaring at me.

“At least meet with the leaders, my queen. They’re beginning to wonder if you’re truly strong enough to rule.”

“Like I said,” I snarl, “I’m busy.” I return to the giant’s delicious arm, which is the thickness of my waist. I’ve decided giants—aka War People—are my favorite food. Tastier yet are the Wall Men. They’re the toughest warriors among the giants and are given the honor of guarding the wall that separates this world from mine. For some reason, their blood is even sweeter.

I lower my head, finding a fresh patch of skin. My fangs pierce the flesh, making a pop! sound. Warm, sweet liquid pools in my mouth and slides down my throat. My eyes roll into the back of my head, and I moan with pleasure.

“Lake,” Gabrio barks, “you have eaten enough for the entire Blood People army. You have a duty!”

Duty? Did he just say duty? I did not choose to become queen of Monsterland any more than I chose to be a vampire. If it were up to me, I’d be human again and back home in my world—something they’ve denied me.

“Lake, please.” Gabrio places a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” I swivel my head in his direction. Gabrio has long blond hair and the distinctive, overtly masculine features of a hardened warrior, just like his brothers. Wide shoulders, strong arms, muscled legs, and battle-scarred chests. Unlike his brothers, Alwar and Tiago, Gabrio is not a giant. Not anymore.

I bet he still tastes sweet, like a milkshake.

I lick my lips and stare at his powerful neck.

Before I know it, I’m lunging through the air, my sharp fingernails extended, ready to latch on to Gabrio’s broad shoulders.

The impact of my body sends him flying back onto the stone floor. I immediately go in for the kill, pinning Gabrio’s arms to the ground while straddling him. The thrumming pulse of the vein in his neck fills my ears like a symphony.

Or maybe a dinner bell. I open my mouth and angle my fangs for the fatal jab.

“No you don’t,” says a gravelly voice.

It’s my fucking husband, Alwar, king of the War People and leader of the Wall Men. Here to spoil my fun again.

He lifts me fifty feet in the air, level with his face, pinching his large fingers under my arms. He used to have long deep amber hair with streaks of black and red and a beard that touched his chest—a source of pride for the Wall Men, but now his hair his cropped short, and his face has a thick wash of black scruff. The Wall Men cut their hair before going into battle, and recently, there’s been a lot of warring over control of the wall.

I snap my teeth. “Let me go, Alwar, or I swear I’ll—”

“What?” He cocks a dark brow, his sapphire blue eyes glinting with amusement. “You’ll bite me?”

“Yes!” I hiss. “I’ll drink you to fucking death.”

He laughs into the air, and his bare chest quakes in time with his deep chuckles. “I welcome you to try, wife.”

His dismissiveness strikes a bitter chord. I’ve been through hell for him, even going so far as to secure his freedom after he was captured by the Mountain People, the latest group to attack the wall. I’ve bled, fought, suffered immeasurable loss, and endured the impossible, all to help him and his people.

“This isn’t a joke, you fucking piece of shit.” I try to wiggle free so I can sink my teeth into one of his fingers. But even with my new strength, I’m no match for a three-hundred-and-fifty-year-old giant.

“You are right; this is not a joke. Your bloodlust is about to cost us everything, including the wall. Is that what you want?”

No. I don’t. The wall is the only thing protecting my world from this one. And, in case you haven’t noticed, this world is filled with hungry violent monsters. Like me.

“Why, Alwar? Why the hell did you do this to me?” It pisses me off. And apparently, being pissed off makes a vampire’s hunger go through the roof. I’m insatiable.