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A Taboo Collection

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Sam Crescent

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The entire Taboo series has been put into one bundle. That's six stories in one book to feed your dirty desires.
-Teacher's Pet
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TEACHER’S PET (A Taboo Short, 1)


It was wrong on every fucking level for me to want one of my students, even if she was of legal age, and even if I was pretty sure she wanted my cock in that tight, young pussy of hers. But knowing that, realizing that being with her would most likely cost me my job and ensure a stigma followed me, that didn’t stop me from jerking off to thoughts of her every fucking night like a pervert.

But none of that stopped me from staring at her, lowering my gaze to her barely covered tits. It didn’t stop me from noticing the way her skirt rode up her thighs as she twisted in her seat to talk to one of the students behind her.

She was hot, so fucking hot, that my dick stood hard and pressed against my zipper. The fucker wanted out; he wanted to get wet as I plunged in at out of her pussy.

A groan nearly spilled out of me, and I knew that I had an issue, a serious problem that was going to cost me my job. Closing my eyes and rubbing my hand over my cheek, I exhaled, getting myself under control.

It took a few seconds for me to put my game face on, but once I was controlled enough, once my dick was soft enough that it wasn’t tenting my pants, I stood and addressed the class.

I stared at Maddie for a second, watched almost in slow motion as she brushed her long black hair over her shoulder and faced forward, her light blue/green eyes looking my way. Although she was only about a decade younger than me, I told myself she was too young, too innocent.

She doesn’t look innocent. She looks like she’d know how to squeeze her pussy around your cock until you come so fucking hard your eyes roll back in your head.

Clearing my throat, I focused on the rest of the classroom. The students were twitchy as hell, and it was because this was the last month of school. They wanted out of here, and I couldn’t blame them, but that didn’t mean I’d put up with any of their shit. I used to be that age once, too; I remembered how much I hated high school and had wanted out.

“I know this is the final run for you guys, and with only a month left, you want out. But we still have a month left to get things done.”

There was a collective groan after I’d spoken, and I turned and started writing on the dry erase board. Teaching literature to a bunch of high school kids that couldn’t care less was like nailing Jell-O to a tree.

It wasn’t happening.

“Turn to page thirty in your textbook and read the chapter. After that, write a one page synopsis of what you read.” Another groan followed, but I ignored it, trying not to focus on what I really wanted to do.

You sick fucking bastard.

When I turned around and took my seat, I tried not to look at Maddie, but I could practically hear her breathing from my desk. I focused on my paperwork instead. I shouldn’t want her, tried not to, but fuck, it was hard to ignore her presence.

But in my defense, she transferred here just two months ago from another state. It wasn’t like I had been obsessing over her sweet, gorgeous ass since she was a freshman. I might be a sick bastard, but I wasn’t that fucking perverted.

For the next forty minutes, I sat behind my desk, my cock not going down more than a half chub. I tried not to look at her, tried not to even think about her, but she’d invaded my thoughts from day one.

Against my better judgment, I looked up, saw her playing with a strand of her hair as she read, and the fucking monster between my thighs jerked. It hardened, the tip becoming slick with pre-cum, and as I stared at her, I reached down and palmed myself. I wasn’t going to jerk off right here, but I was adjusting myself so the damn thing I sported between my thighs wasn’t digging into my zipper anymore.

And then, as if she saw me watching her, she lifted her gaze to mine, and we locked on each other. My cock ached; my balls drew up tight, and the need to say fuck it all and just go for it waged war with my better sense. But I couldn’t. No, I couldn’t corrupt her like that, couldn’t break her innocence in the dirty, fucking filthy ways I envisioned.

She had yet to look away from me. Instead, she leaned forward on the desk just enough that the front part of her shirt gaped open. Her tits were big, and the cleavage she sported was enough that all I could do was picture my cock between those two luscious mounds, titty fucking her until I came and she sported a pearl necklace.