A Reaper’s Secret (The Reapers #1) Read Online Sam Crescent

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In a small tourist town, there is a secret. After years of being used and tormented, a small group rose up to take back their town, and to make sure no one took control from them again.

They’re known as … The Reapers. No one knows who they are, just that they are locals, and their identities will never be revealed.

For years, Daniel Long and Amy Flynn have been dancing around each other. Neither of them crossing that line of friendship into more. When a tourist refuses to take no for an answer, Daniel intervenes.

Amy has always had feelings for Daniel, but she refuses to jump into bed with any kind of random guy. She has seen the fallout from her best friend. She will not follow the same path.

However, she cannot hide nor deny the attraction she has for Daniel. The moment he kisses her, all bets are off. Amy is not going to pretend they are friends anymore.

Daniel has a secret. He doesn’t know if Amy will be able to handle it. No one messes with his town. No one hurts his woman. He is not afraid to do what is necessary. For he is a Reaper.

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“What’s our next stop?”

The sound of rustling set Billy on edge. He was already too nervous, but listening to a couple of tourists was the last thing he wanted to do. The only reason he stopped in this little lay-by was because it was far enough away from where he’d just come, and seemed impossible to find. He hadn’t even been able to locate it on a map, and he was hoping no one else was able to either.

His hands trembled as he lifted the black coffee to his lips. They would be out looking for him, and he needed to remember that. Staying in one place for too long would be his guaranteed death sentence. Billy couldn’t believe he had gotten this far. He’d never heard of anyone evading them, but then he’d never heard good things about those who had stolen or betrayed them.

All he’d done was stolen from them. Nothing too bad. He hadn’t betrayed them, and it wasn’t like it was a lot of cash either. About twenty to fifty thousand in cash, no big deal. He imagined most of them would have this kind of cash safely hidden away.

Sweat beaded on his forehead as a door opened and another customer entered. Was this mysterious diner usually so busy? He suddenly felt a little hot beneath the collar, and he knew for a fact that wasn’t usual.

It was hot outside, but inside he felt like he was boiling. He couldn’t help but glance around the diner and wonder who was staring at him, who was trying to check him out, to squeal on his location.

“Ah, this is it, Lost Creek.”

At the mention of that town, Billy couldn’t help but freeze in one place.

“Lost Creek? You’re sure.”

“Yep, it’s right here in our plans. Remember, this has got the rumored … The Reapers.”

Coffee spilled over the edge of his cup, and Billy had no choice but to put it down on top of the counter. The sweat that had been slowly building suddenly felt like it was starting to drip from him in one continuous stream.

What the fuck? Why were they talking about fucking Lost Creek, and what was more, why the fuck were they talking about The Reapers?

“Come on, dude, seriously. You’re going to listen to gossip? We’re only passing through to check out the wildlife and if we’re lucky, see some bears or some shit. I’m not into trying to find any kind of … killer gang.”

“I know, but come on, you have to admit it is pretty cool,” the other guy said.

“Yeah, you’re right, it is cool, but what if they don’t exist? Come on, they’re probably just some myth to keep the thugs at bay. It’s a tourist town, and there are plenty of locals around, I imagine they use it to their advantage, and you know, anyone steps out of line, it’s probably the whole town.”

“It’s not the whole town,” Billy said. He just couldn’t take it anymore. “And trust me, if you intend to go to Lost Creek, to cause trouble, then trouble is what you will find.”

“Yo, man, you been to Lost Creek?”

Billy nodded, but he didn’t want to admit the truth out loud. Maybe if he advised these guys not to go to that town, it would be an act of redemption, and it would give him a chance to run and hide. He was fucking terrified.

He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way, not once, but then he’d not stolen from The fucking Reapers before. Shit, what the fuck had he done?

“The Reapers are real?”

Billy simply nodded his head for a second time.