A Bit of Wee Luck (Holidaze in Salem #3) Read Online Kelly Elliott

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They say my spells go awry.
Pish posh, it’s a lie.
I have the love of my life.
My best friend will soon be a wife.
Now it’s time to help a lad.
In the land of Ireland.
Wealth Spell –
A fourth leaf clover
A wad of cash
A money clip to store it fast
Light it on fire and repeat after me, all good will and fortune go unto thee

A Bit of Wee Luck is the third novella in a four book series. Each book ends on a small cliffy leading into the next book!

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I stared into Lucas’s caramel eyes as he repeated for the fourth time, “A baby?”

Laughing, I nodded. “Can you only say that one word?”

Lucas blinked several times and then shook his head. “We’re having a baby?”

“Okay, you added on a few words that time,” I deadpanned.


I raised my brows and gave him a look.

“No, I know how. I thought you were on the pill.”

“I am, but nothing is one hundred percent. I’ve never missed any and I wasn’t on any medicine that would affect it, so I guess it’s just part of our plan.” I drew my lower lip between my teeth before I asked, “Are you upset?”

“Upset?” he asked, surprised by my question. “Hell no, I’m not upset. Hollie, this is amazing. Are you okay with it? I know we never really got around to talking about when we wanted kids.”

“Or when we wanted to get married. Which—I think I’d like that to be sooner rather than later. Maybe even here in Ireland! Oh, or Scotland! I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Lucas took my hand in his and kissed the back of it, sending shivers through my entire body. “We can go and do whatever you want while we’re over here. And I’ll marry you anywhere you want, anytime you want.”

I felt my cheeks heat and had to bite the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t say: Let’s run off and get married. Today. Instead, I replied, “I know you’re working, so I don’t expect you to take me all over the place.”

He smiled. “With what we keep finding, I might be here longer than I thought. I was going to talk to you about it.”

“Well, from what I’ve seen on the drive in from the airport, I think I’m going to love it here.” I spread my arms, taking in the room around us. “I love this little flat! And the town is adorable. It feels like we’re in the middle of nowhere, but Dublin isn’t that far away. Have you been to the pub across the street yet? It’s a real Irish pub, Lucas!”

“I know,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve been there plenty of times. A guy by the name of Benny O’Brien owns it. It was his father’s pub, and his before that, and his before that. It’s been in the family for a long time. Wait until you eat there. His mother, Sarah, is an amazing cook. Just remember that when they talk they don’t make the TH sound.”

A bubble of excitement burst in my chest as I said, “Same name as my sister! And I’m starving. Do you think we can grab something to eat there now?”

“Of course. Come on, I’ll introduce you to Benny and his family.”

Lucas took hold of my hand and helped me off the bed. “You’re not too tired? I could run over and get us some food to go.”

With a shake of my head, I replied, “I’m tired, but I really want to see the pub, even if it means I can’t drink. Let me brush my teeth and change my clothes.”

We headed out and started for the pub across the street. It was in a beautiful, old, three-story building with the name O’Brien’s on a sign out front. It was sandwiched between two other buildings, which both looked to be as old as the pub—though the one on the right was most likely the oldest.

Lucas nodded toward the building. “Benny was raised in the flat above the pub, and now he lives there with his mom and his sister.”

“It’s so cute. I love the yellow building and the red trim around the windows and doors.” I looked up at the numerous plant holders. “They must plant flowers there in the spring.”

“They do,” Lucas said as he reached for the door to open it. “It’s supposed to be beautiful in the spring with all the flowers. There’s a story behind it; I’ll tell you later.”

I smiled, and Lucas opened the door and I stepped inside. My eyes widened as I took in the old pub. Large stone floors made way to the most beautiful wooden bar I’d ever seen. The walls were covered with memorabilia and pictures, as well as some odd items that I was sure held special meaning for the O’Brien family. I glanced up and saw a boot hanging down from the ceiling. I’d loved to know the meaning behind that one. Old photos were scattered behind the bar and throughout the large space. The woodwork was unbelievable. My eyes caught on a beautiful stained-glass window to the left that looked into a small room.

“It’s so beautiful,” I whispered as we walked farther into the mostly-empty bar. I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting, but I did assume it would be more crowded—especially since it was close to noon.