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10 Commandments

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Dark Angel

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You think you're the boss? We're about to show you... We're the ones in charge. But if you want us, we have some rules you must obey. We call them the Ten Commandments.
I. We shalt covet our neighbor, Evelynn Travers.
II. We shalt be possessed in lust for her.
III. We shalt give in to the temptation of her flesh.
IV. Thou shalt scream thy lords name as we take you.
V. Thou shalt fornicate with us until we say to cease.
VI. Thou shalt heed us as your masters.
VII. Thou shalt take no other man than us to your bed.
VIII. Thou shalt worship us on your knees.
IX. We shalt do with thy as we please.
And the final rule?
X. Thy body and soul shalt belong to us alone...until the end of time.
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Chapter 1



I’m so fucking horny, my throbbing pussy feels like it’s going to set my thong on fucking fire.

"Margaret, it’s time for your appointment." The blonde greets me as I pull my door open wider, a smile on his face, his voice taking on a sultry southern accent.

I gasp and tremble, not because I don't want this. It’s the total fucking opposite, actually. I haven't stopped thinking about all three of these men fucking my brains out since the second I first opened the door. I mean, if you saw them, you’d think the same thing.

I know they’re only supposed to be professional Doms, but they’ve assured me that with what I have to pay, they can give me the full service. Fucking included.

Without warning, they all descend on me and pull at my clothing. All I have on is a robe and a sheer nightie—I mean, I’m as prepared as I can be for what’s to come…or cum—but those are gone in seconds flat. I want them all to fuck me more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

The outlines of their cocks are fucking impressive. Though they have sexy as hell bodies, it's the twelve-inch meat sticks that have my full and undivided attention.

The one with dark hair pushes me to the floor, his cock now out and slapping me hard in the face. It’s leaking salty pre-cum all over my cheeks and I just want to lap it right up. I can feel the heat from his body. He is not one to be denied. Totally fucking in charge and taking control of my body.

"Open your fucking mouth, you slut," he commands.

I lick my lips and open wide, taking his massive cock into my mouth. The other two get right to business and fill my pussy and ass, shoving thick, hard, throbbing man meat deep inside of me as I clench around them. These men are fucking huge.

All three of my holes are being stretched and pounded. I didn't expect to be fucked—well, I mean I hoped for it—so I’m so not mad about it. Tonight, it’s a fuck fantasy come true. The whore inside me is loving it.

One of them fucks my throat with an intensity that I have never known. I love a rough fuck, but this is like something out of a filthy novel. I’ve imagined it in every dirty dream I’ve ever had.

Is this real life? I'm not fucking sure, but if I'm dreaming, no one wake me up!

Moans, groans, and grunts—we’re all fucking loud enough that one neighbor actually bangs on the wall, and another on the ceiling.

But who the fuck cares what anyone thinks? I’m getting railed in every hole by the sexiest fucking men I’ve ever seen. Of course I’m screaming out all kinds of filthy shit. They would be loud, too, if they had a yardstick of cock inside them. And so would you, babe. Bet you wish you were me right about now, am I right?

I've been fucked pretty fucking well in my life but never something like this. Two men at once is the most I’ve ever taken on, and only once on a drunken night. Three is fucking magnificent.

I know I’ll always remember this night. Especially because I won’t be able to walk straight for fucking days.

Before they finish having their dirty way with me, I come once…twice…three fucking times, and they have me totally covered with hot, sticky, milky cum. I can’t get enough. I want them to pour fucking gallons of it down my throat.

So, it's not exactly what I expected when I requested a Dom session, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m enjoying every single hole-stretching, pussy-pounding, ass-and-face-fucking moment of it.

They don't say a word when they’re done. They just dress and leave. Just like that.

For a second, I feel dirty, but that doesn't last.

Once I feel the cum dripping from my pussy and running down my legs, I’m gushing all over again just thinking about how hard they made me cum. The hot flood of it against the sensitive flesh of my pussy makes me shiver while I take my trembling fingers and scoop up a healthy amount of the cum still on me and lick it up.

The taste is everything I need right now, my eyes closing and a small moan escaping my lips as my body tingles at just how fucking perfectly they took my body and extracted every possible ounce of pleasure from it.

Fuck. I’m gonna need them to come back and do me again.

I lean against the door and listen to the sounds of footsteps, debating following to book a repeat performance, but a card on the floor catches my eye. It must have fallen out of one of their pants when they tossed them carelessly aside to fuck me.