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Wolf's Runaway Bride (Runaway Shifter Brides #2)

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Sky Winters

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A conservative she-wolf accidentally gets hitched to the big bad wolf of Las Vegas…

I’m hired to get dangerous jobs done. Make things disappear. No one in this city messes with me. But I never thought I’d wake up married to a virginal wolf.
And no matter how hard I try, I can’t make my feeling for her disappear. I want to help her. I want to protect her.
But now that her ex-fiancé is in town, It might be the final thing that pulls me under.

Running away from my wedding, and my evil fiancé was easy. The hard part?
Waking up and finding myself in an accidental marriage. He’s a bad wolf and he has secrets. But it doesn’t make me want him any less.
And what will happen when he finds out my secret? Can a marriage without trust ever last?
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Runaway Shifter Brides Series by Sky Winters

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Sky Winters



“This time tomorrow and you’ll be all mine,” Richard breathed into her hair.

He smelled of booze and cigars—the result of having spent the afternoon with his pack brothers to celebrate getting married tomorrow. They weren’t done. There would be another party tonight, the official bachelor party, and he would arrive at the wedding in the morning looking none the worse for wear.

“Hey, Rich. You about done there, buddy? We gotta get up to the lodge,” his friend Derek called out from the car.

Milly was on the edge of throwing up. This was all a nightmare orchestrated by her parents: Richard was the son of their Alpha’s right-hand man, a good match for their daughter in their eyes. In hers, he was a predator. The only thing more sickening than the thought of marrying him was what he would do to her on their wedding night and whenever he chose after that. He’d already made it clear that she was his to do with as he saw fit.

For now, he’d honored tradition by waiting to take her until after they were married. Instead, he’d kept a steady stream of women on the side to soothe his carnal itch and had made it clear that he had no intention of being a one-woman Alpha. He was not hesitant to be forceful when he didn’t get his way, and she had not been spared his wrath during their engagement. Though brief, it had seemed endless already. The closer the wedding got to happening, the more anxious she became.

“I’m out. See you tomorrow,” he told her, cupping her chin and thrusting his disgusting tongue inside her mouth while his buddies in the car cheered. He turned back toward them and laughed, “Let’s go! Time for some strippers and booze!”

Milly felt like she might vomit. She walked back into the house to pack an overnight bag for her own bachelorette party, a much more subdued gathering with a few friends and family in the events suite of the same hotel where the wedding was being held the following day. She was mid-way into packing when her phone rang. It was Richard. She thought about ignoring it, but there would be hell to pay if she did that. She took a deep breath and answered.


“Just a reminder not to be drinking tonight. I don’t want a hungover bride whose pussy is all dried up from overindulging. Stick to water and go light on the cake too. You’re borderline obese as it is.”

“Okay,” Milly said, uninterested in a fight.

“Okay. See you tomorrow then.”

“See you tomorrow,” she replied.

Milly glanced sideways toward the mirror. She was not a skinny girl, but she was far from obese. Granted, her curves were ample, but plenty of interest had been shown in her before she’d been forced into this nightmare engagement. She stood there looking at her body, knowing that she could be twenty pounds lighter and he’d still find fault. Looking up at her face, her eyes met their reflection in the mirror. She hated what she saw there.

She walked downstairs to find her parents sitting in the living room watching television as if this wasn’t the end of the world for their daughter. She stood watching them for a moment, trying to find the right words before finally stepping over and standing to one side to address them.

“I don’t want to marry Richard,” she blurted out.

“Oh, Mildred. We’ve been over this already. All the plans are made, and we have people coming from all over to attend. It’s too late to get cold feet,” her father said.

He always used her full name when he was addressing her like a child. It only made her feel more helpless against what was happening. In their world, where the entire wolf pack was family and you were beholden to your elders, it was unheard of to speak back to your parents. She’d always tried to be a good daughter and thought she’d be a good wife someday, but she didn’t know how she could manage that with someone like Richard. It was hopeless, and against everything her conservative pack’s values had taught her.